Trophy Hunting Species

Induna Safaris has about 37 different trophy hunting species for a hunter to choose from.

South Africa is definitely one of the top destinations worldwide for trophy hunting, due to the large variety of African Hunting Species available to each hunter. It can be very challenging for a hunter to come out to Africa for a hunting safari. There are many things that need to be taken into account.

Due to South Africa’s large variety, it can be quite daunting to try to make the decision as to what species to pick for your trip. Induna Safaris advises that you familiarise yourself with all the available species and then make a selection. We have provided a list of facts about all the species. South Africa is a vast country, with a number of different species throughout the country, and this will also play a role in your selection process, as some areas can be very remote, which can make the hunt logistically difficult as well as expensive.

Induna Safaris has about 37 different species for a hunter to choose from.

This allows for a wide choice which can suit every hunter's requirements, ranging from small to large.

The hunting of animals at Induna Safaris is also very interesting in that we have a varied terrain where we hunt, depending on the preferences of the selected specie.

A major factor in the success of a hunt will be based on the Professional hunter and the outfitter that you utilise. The Professional hunter is responsible for guiding you in getting a good selection of trophies.

Therefore it is very important that you use a professional hunter that has the necessary credentials first, and then also they should have a good knowledge of the area where you will be hunting, as well as the species that you are pursuing.

Induna Safaris experienced professional hunters will assist you with your selection, as well as ensure that you have the hunt that you were hoping for.