Hunting Warthog

Hunting Warthog

Species : Warthog
Scientific Name : Phacochoerus porcus
Average Mass : 100kg
Avg Shoulder Height : 70cm

Warthogs are tough and very thick-skinned. They are usually found in family groups ie, males, females and their young.

Active during the day and sleep at night, usually in old antbear holes. They always enter these holes backwards.

They are very adaptable to their habitat but seem to prefer open woodlands, with some cover but not the thick bush.

Both sexes have tusks, but the male has a pair of extra warts on his face. The male’s tusks are also usually bigger and thicker.

The best way to hunt them is to find a spot that they frequent, preferably a watering hole, and sit in the heat of the day and wait for them to come to the water.

Warthogs are best hunted in the middle of the day, as they go to the water to cool down in the heat.

Hunting Trophy Warthog

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