Why Hunt with Induna Safaris?

Why Choose Induna Safaris for your South African Hunt?

Due to the large variety of African Species available for Trophy Hunting, South Africa is definitely one of the top hunting destinations in the world.

It can be very challenging for a hunter to come out to Africa since there are many things that need to be taken into account.

  1. The decision as to what species to pick for your trip. Induna Safaris advises that you familiarise yourself with all the available species and then make an informed selection.
  2. South Africa is a vast country, with a number of different species spread out throughout the country. This should play a role in your selection process, as some areas can be very remote, which can make the hunt logistically difficult as well as expensive.

A major factor in the success of a hunt will be based on the Professional hunter and the outfitter that you utilise. The Professional hunter is responsible for guiding you in getting a good selection of trophies.

At Induna Safaris we will assist you with your specie selection, as well as other considerations to ensure that you have the hunt that you were hoping for.

Some of the things Induna Safaris is known for:


Induna Safaris only takes one booking at a time. Giving each group total use of the lodge, sole hunting on the concession, full attention of PH, Lodge staff, trackers and skinners.


Induna Safaris only takes a limited number of hunts per year. We emphasize conservation management through culling to maintain an optimal balance between fauna and flora, keeping animals and vegetation as healthy as possible.


Our limited number of hunters enables us to maintain excellent quality trophies. 


Majority of hunts are conducted by Kelvin Milsom, owner of Induna Safaris, as we all know owners give 100% to their business, so he gives his utmost on every hunt to ensure that each client has the hunt of their dreams.


This makes it clear that most people who hunt at Induna Safaris are more than satisfied with their hunting experience, and stay at Induna Safaris.


Majority of our hunts are conducted on our own properties, so have minimal travel time to get to hunts. Kelvin the owner, the PH knows the land very well, knows area and species preferences and movements very well.