Hunting Klipspringer

Hunting Klipspringer

Klipspringer usually occur in pairs. They are very sure footed rock climbers.
Species : Klipspringer
Scientific Name : Oreotragus oreotragus
Average Mass : 15kg
Avg Shoulder Height : 53cm

Klipspringer females do not have horns. They are usually found in rocky areas, mountains with rocks bordering ravines, ridges with rocks and juts.

Klipspringer usually occurs in pairs. They are very sure-footed rock climbers. If they are disturbed while grazing on surrounding flats they take to the rocks immediately for cover.

Often when they take flight, they will stop on a rock, to have a scout around, so one must be ready for this as it offers a good opportunity to take a shot.

Klipspringer often requires quick, accurate and off-hand shooting as they are seldom still for long periods.

Hunting Trophy Klipspringer

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