Bow Hunting in South Africa

An abundance of plains game in South Africa gives Bow Hunters excellent opportunities.

Induna Safaris conducts Bow Hunting Safaris in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Induna Safaris’ abundance of game gives our bow hunters a great opportunity at taking good trophies of a wide variety of species. This also makes the hunting experience enjoyable as you will be exposed to such a variety whilst out on a hunt.

We have spent hours planning and researching the area for bow hunting. Following this blinds have been placed strategically throughout the property to ensure the greatest success at bow hunting. We have placed the blinds at waterholes, that are naturally used by the numerous game on the property. Induna Safaris professional hunter, skinners and trackers will go the extra mile to ensure that you have an unforgettable bow hunting experience.

Bowhunting in South Africa
Bowhunting in South Africa
Our blinds are pit blinds, which are small houses built onto the ground. The blinds are dark inside so as to avoid being seen and achieving utter concealment. We have built the blinds with ground floors, so that your foot falls will not be heard. We aim at taking the shots at 20-30 yards or less. We don’t like to take chances as we know that the last thing a hunter wants is to wound an animal. So the shots are usually taken at 20 yards.

Any bow set up that you use for big game hunting back home, for example deer, is sufficient for hunting here. We prefer someone to use a bow that they are used to and very familiar with, than go out and get themselves a larger set up, that they are not familiar with, it is unnecessary.

Success is greater if you are familiar with your bow and used to using it. Fixed blade broad heads are recommended.

At the moment there are no laws regarding regulations of bringing bows into South Africa, it is very simple and you will simply collect your bow from the oversized luggage department and go straight to customs.

Bowhunting in South Africa
Bowhunting in South Africa

The best time to bow hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is usually between May and September, the area is usually drier so there are not many pools of water around, thus the animals make their way to the water holes on a regular basis.

We do also offer walk and stalk style bow hunting, which can be very adventurous and exciting. We trust if you are a hunter that you enjoy being in the outdoors, and therefore the experience is amazing to be out there in bush, surrounded by a wide variety of fauna and flora.