Hunting Waterbuck

Hunting Waterbuck

Species : Waterbuck
Scientific Name : Kobus ellipsiprymnus
Average Mass : 250kg
Avg Shoulder Height : 120cm

Waterbuck have a distinctive white ring on their rump. Only the males have horns. They are very beautiful-looking animals and very large in size. They usually remain in small herds, and males will aggressively defend their territories.

Waterbuck possess neither speed nor endurance and therefore rely on concealment when being pursued.

They are very skittish and are fairly shy animals which makes spotting them rather difficult.

Waterbuck can be detected by a strong goat-like odour that they have.

Induna Safaris has an abundance of Waterbuck and some really magnificent specimens.

They are a challenging and very exciting hunt, especially due to the size of the animal.

Recommended calibre is 30.06 and a .300 Magnum.

Hunting Trophy Waterbuck

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