Hunting Kudu - Dave and Steve

Wisconsin Brothers – Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Wisconsin Brothers Dave and Steve are Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

1 May 2018

Dave and Steve Schultz arrived today to start Dave’s 6th and Steve’s 3rd Plains Game Hunting trip in South Africa, from Wisconsin USA. This is their first time hunting with us at Induna Safaris.

After a long day of travelling, the Schultz brothers arrived at Induna Safaris, where they were able to relax with a drink and a snack.  Then we went out and sighted in the rifles, and went for some glassing and exploring the terrain.

2 May 2018

Phillip and Dave went out to look for a Steenbuck ram, and they all managed to elude them, but they had a good day out in the bush.

Kelvin and Steve went out to look for some Springbuck. Steve managed to shoot a beautiful trophy Copper Springbuck ram. He still needs to get the White Springbuck trophy to complete his grand slam.

3 May 2018

Phillip and Dave went out to harvest a Common Reedbuck, again their day ended empty handed- hunting is keeping these guys humble! They came across a few but none were what they were looking for, but they all managed to get away.

Kelvin and Steve, managed to bag an exceptional White Springbuck ram- Steve was very happy with his Springbuck duo. Congratulations on your Grand Slam Steve!

4 May 2018

Dave and Phillip’s day started off well, with Dave getting a fantastic Bontebok Ram! Dave is very happy with this beautiful trophy. In the meantime the little Steenbuck is still managing to keep them on their toes.

Kelvin and Steve, looked for a warthog or a duiker again today. They didn’t see anything that they were looking for but yet another great day in the veld.

5 May 2018

Another great day of Plains Game Hunting in South Africa was had by all!

Steve managed to take a great Bushbuck at last light, we saw 17 Bushbuck in total and selected the best ram and Steve made an excellent shot to get his Bushbuck.

Dave managed to take an exceptional Steenbuck Ram after seeing it lying down in some long grass. Dave made a good shot to anchor this once in a lifetime Ram

6 May 2108

A great day was yet again had by all but unfortunately no animals been harvested but lots were seen.

7 May 2018

Dave managed to take a great Impala Ram today, he really enjoys hunting them!

Steve decided he would also like to Hunt a Bontebok, so the search was on! It didn’t take long to find a suitable Ram and the Hunt was on! After a short stalk Steve made a great 210 yard shot to get his Bontebok and what a great specimen he is.

8 May 2018

Luck was not on Steve’s side today, although an enjoyable day was had in the veld and lots was seen.

Dave also had a good day in the veld and decided to take yet another great Impala Ram with some great precisian shooting. Dave managed to take a great East Cape Kudu in the afternoon after a great stalk and a well-placed shot! Well done Dave, what a great day of Hunting!

9 May 2018

Steve managed to take a once-in-a-lifetime White Blesbuck coming in at over 17”, we had to drive to the top of a mountain along a hairy road but it was definitely well worth the effort. Well done Steve!

Unfortunately, Dave had a quiet day in the veld, although nothing was harvested he saw lots and had an enjoyable day.

10 May 2018

Took the day off from Plains Game Hunting and spent to morning at the Cheetah Breeding Project and then had a great lunch at Addo Elephant Park before spending the afternoon driving around and taking pictures. We saw Elephants and Cape Buffalo to name a few.

11 May 2018

A great day of Hunting was had by the brothers!

Steve managed to take a great old Duiker Ram eventually! We had tried hard aver the last few days but the wait was worth it, a great stalk and shot placement to finish off Steve’s Hunt. Was great meeting and Hunting with you Steve!

Dave managed to take another great Kudu Bull at last light after a great stalk and shot placement. Well done Dave! Thanks for choosing Induna Safaris and hopefully we will see you soon.


Thanks for a great hunt, great food and great accommodations. Thanks also to Flippy and Alton for their great guiding and assistance. The trophies were great and the touring, Addo and the Cheetah breeding facility was great. Had a great time!


Your hospitality and accommodations were second to none. During the hunt Kelvin certainly kept me entertained!  (I will never listen to the song “hey good looking” without thinking of this trip)
I wish I could make meals like we had. The agility of Kelvin to adapt to our changing wishes for different game allowed me to collect game that suited my desires. All in all – a great experience I will remember always.


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