Hunting Impala - Thorbjorn

South African Hunting Safari

Thorbjorn and his wife Tove from Denmark have joined us again for another South African Hunting Safari.

On this Hunting Safari trip Thorbjorn is hoping to harvest a Sable, Bontebok, Blesbuck and White Blesbuck.

26 January 2019

Thorbjorn and Tove arrived today after a visit to Cape Town to start his South African Hunting Safaris.
Shortly after their arrival we headed out to the range to sight in the rifle. Thorbjorn will be using a 30-06 on this Hunt. We decided to take a drive and then a walk in the Veld before heading to the Hunting Lodge. We walked over a hill to glass a dry water hole and spotted about twenty Impala rams feeding in the watering hole, after watching them for some time we decided to put in a stalk on one of the rams. Thorbjorn managed to make a great shot once we were in range and managed to take this great Impala ram. What a great start to his South African Hunting Safari.

27 January 2019

Today we headed out for a Trophy Bontebok. We knew of a very nice ram that was running on his own after been kicked out of the heard. We had to search for some time but we eventually located him and the stalk was on. We managed to stalk to within two hundred meters of the ram before he got wind of us, he ran across from us and stopped broadside to see what we were, once he stopped Thorbjorn took the opportunity and managed to secure himself this great Rowland Ward Bontebok.

28 January 2019

A Sable bull was to be our focus for today. We headed to another concession and we did locate Sable and Roans whilst glassing within the first couple of hours, but they were not what we were looking for. A couple of hours later we spotted a Sable bull feeding high up on a hill side, we were concerned about getting him down but it looked as if he was not going anywhere soon, so the decision was made to climb the hill and approach him from above hoping that he would head downhill when shot. As luck would have it by the time we got up he was at the bottom and so a short stalk was made and Thorbjorn managed to take yet another great animal.
We spent the rest of the day stalking Mountain Reedbuck but unfortunately we could not manage to get one in the crosshairs for long enough.

29 January 2019

A White Blesbuck and Common Blesbuck were the animals of choice today. It was to be Thorbjorn’s last day of Hunting today. We knew where there were a lot of Blesbuck, White and Common and headed in that direction. We located a heard of about 50 Blesbuck, White and Common, and put a stalk in, Thorbjorn managed to take a very good White Blesbuck with an excellent shot. Once the photos were done and the animal was loaded we decided to go after the herd again as we had seen a great Common Blesbuck ram in the group. Once they were located again, we put a stalk in and Thorbjorn managed to take yet another great Blesbuck, this time a Common Blesbuck.

Well Done Thorbjorn! We hope you enjoyed your South African Hunting Safari with us and we hope to see you again soon.

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