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We welcome American clients Xerxes & Maria from Mississippi and Salvatore & Annamaria from Georgia. Maria and Annamaria are sisters and have accompanied their Hunting husbands for a South African Hunting Safari.

We welcome American clients Xerxes & Maria from Mississippi and Salvatore & Annamaria from Georgia. Maria and Annamaria are sisters and have accompanied their Hunting husbands for a South African Hunting Safari.

9 July 2017

After arriving at the Lodge and getting a quick bite to eat we headed off to the range to sight in the rifles. Xerxes would be using his 300 Min mag and a 375 H&H both in CZ. Sal would be using our 30.06.

10 July 2017

We headed out early to glass for a trophy animal to hunt; we spotted an Impala ram in the distance and decided to take a closer look, we came over a brow of a hill above the Impala ram and it took some time to find him as he was feeding in the thick. A stalk was put in and a great 150 yard one shot kill was made by Xerxes to claim his excellent Impala ram.

Sal managed to take a great Blue Wildebeest in the afternoon, after a quick setup of the sticks. We were looking for a Warthog we had seen from a distance, but we bumped him and we followed in the direction he had taken off in, which is when we spotted a group of Blue Wildebeest bulls and the sticks were setup and Sal made a great one shot kill to get his Blue Wildebeest bull.

11 July 2017

Xerxes took a great Black Wildebeest bull in the morning after putting in a great stalk on a group of about 20 Black Wildebeest. A 115 yard one shot kill was made and the bull ran about 100 yards before expiring.

Sal managed to take an excellent East Cape Kudu in the afternoon after a great stalk. The bull was with three cows and after stalking in Sal made a 150 yard one shot kill to claim his bull.

12 July 2017

A great day was had by all in the field today but unfortunately no animals were harvested, although lots were seen.

13 July 2017

Today a Nyala was on the cards for Xerxes and what a stalk it was. We came over the brow of a hill where we knew Nyala like to hang out. We spotted 2 bulls but by this time they had our wind and took off across a valley. We continued glassing a spotted a bull below us feeding into an open area, we decided to stalk in and take a closer look. We got to 187 yards and set up the sticks. Xerxes was using his 375 and a good shot was made but we thought it was a miss as the bull moved 10 yards and stood again, a second shot was made but missed. A third shot was made and the bull was hit in the right leg, he ran towards us into thick cover. We waited 20 minutes and decided to circle round to take a closer look, we eventually found the bull lying down and another shot was made to had to get this great bull. Well done Xerxes

Sal was after a Burchells Zebra today and after many stalks he managed to make a clean one shot kill at 150 Yards to get his beautiful zebra with great markings to use as a rug in his home.

14 July 2017

Headed out early to look for a Blue Wildebeest bull for Xerxes, Sal joined us on this hunt as he was not hunting today but was heading out with the rest of the group later to visit the Cheetah sanctuary. We went looking for a group we had seen late in the afternoon the previous day. We found them not far from where we had seen them and decided to make a stalk, there were five bulls in the group. We got to 125 yards from the bulls and we had to wait for the bigger one to turn as he was facing away. Whilst waiting a big boar Warthog came past in shooting distance but we carried on waiting for the Blue Wildebeest bull, he did eventually turn and Xerxes made a great shot with his 375 H&H to secure this monster of a 28 inch Bull.

We headed off to another concession for a Mountain Reedbuck. We saw numerous rams and ewes and decided to stalk up a mountain slope to take a better look, on the way up we spotted a ram lying down and decided to stalk in. The sticks were put up and Xerxes made an excellent one shot kill to secure this very nice Mountain Reedbuck ram.

15 July 2017

We headed out to another concession to see if we could find a Waterbuck for Xerxes, luck was not on our side as we only saw young bulls and came to the conclusion that all the big bulls were high up in the mountains, so we turned out attention to Lechwe as we had seen numerous big rams. We decided on a ram and made a stalk, due to the cover we got on the sticks at about 30 yards from the ram and Xerxes shot, the ram ran towards us and Xerxes made yet another great free hand shot at about 6 yards to get his great Lechwe Ram. Well done Xerxes.

Sal hunted hard all day after an Impala ram and after many busted stalks he managed to take a very good ram at last light of the last days hunting at over 200 yards. Well done Sal.


It was a trip with much anticipation and with an open mind as to the eventual outcome; from the time we landed we both fell in love with South Africa. We both had no idea what to expect at Induna Safaris.
The hunting was great, the country is beautiful, but most of all we will remember the hospitality. It was you Kelvin and Denise that made the stay special. So God bless you and your family, hope to spend time again with you in the future. Best wishes to all of you for the future!

Sal and Anna

First safari with Induna and we are very pleased with everything. The accommodation, food, sundowners and conversations over dinner were above our expectations.
The hunts are exciting to say the least with stalks that you question “is this going to work” to ‘wow’, what an experience.
Many thanks to Denise for hosting the trip to the Cheetah breeding center.
Food – Come hungry and enjoy exquisite South African cuisine, truly a mouthwatering experience each evening. So glad we can now call Kelvin and Denise friends!

Xerxes and Maria

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