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Plains Game Hunting South Africa

Chris from Canada has joined Induna Safaris for his second Plains Game Hunting South Africa Safari this year.

Chris from Canada has joined Induna Safaris for his second Plains Game Hunting South Africa Safari this year. Chris plans on Hunting, Waterbuck, Red Lechwe, Blesbuck, Impala, Bushbuck and Blue Wildebeest with us.

24 September 2018

Chris arrived at the Lodge just after lunch and once he had settled in we headed to the range to sight in the rifles. We also took a short drive to see what Plains Game was out and about. We saw numerous animals and “GNU” that some great stalking was to come.

25 September 2018

First day out Hunting and lots was seen. Chris managed to take a great Impala ram after a great stalk down a steep hill where the Impala ram was feeding with his females. Chris took him with a brilliant one shot kill. Well done Chris
In the afternoon we decided to head out after a Blesbuck ram, we saw a few and decided to pursue two rams that were feeding on the side of a hill. We hiked over the hill from the opposite side, due to the wind. There was thick cover on the side of the hill and before we knew it we were not even 30 yards from the rams. Chris made yet another great shot to get this old Blesbuck ram, what a trophy!

26 September 2018

We decided to pursue Red Lechwe today. We saw numerous rams, Chris decided on a Lechwe ram that he really liked and the stalk was on, the rams managed to get our scent so Chris had to quickly get on the sticks, a quick one shot kill was made for Chris to get his Red Lechwe.

27 September 2018

Headed to the mountains today after a Waterbuck bull, we managed to see a few in the morning but unfortunately they were high up in the mountains. Whilst having lunch and glassing we saw a Waterbuck bull feeding in the distance with some cows and calves, we decided to put a stalk in and take a closer look. We managed to stalk in to about 100 Yards after some belly crawling. Chris managed to put a shot in but unfortunately, it was too low and a super, quick follow-up shot was needed to secure his Waterbuck trophy bull.

28 September 2018

Today we headed to another concession after a Bushbuck ram. We saw 2 older rams, 2 young rams and about 9 ewes in total. We sat until dark watching the rams and waiting for a bigger ram we saw to come out of the brush. Just at dark a mature ram came walking towards us and Chris decided to take him, Chris shot the ram at 60 yards and the ram took off into the brush, we followed the ram and Chris managed to take another shot in the brush securing his ram.

29 September 2018

Today we went after Chris’s last animal on his list, a Blue Wildebeest Bull. We had seen a lone bull the day before and we went to see if we could locate him, we didn’t locate the lone bull but we did come across a group of nine and there was a nice bull in this group. We put a stalk in on the Blue Wildebeest bull that was now lying down, we managed to get to about 80 yards of the bull. The bull spotted us and stood up alerting the others, Chris managed to take a quick shot hitting the bull in the vitals; the bull ran 600 yards before expiring.

As Chris had finished hunting all the animals on the list we decided to head into Port Elizabeth to the Rugby stadium to watch South Africa play Australia, what a great experience for Chris, watching South Africa beat Australia.

30 September 2018

We went into Port Elizabeth this morning so that Chris could purchase some gifts for his family.
We spent the evening Springhare Hunting, Chris managed to get about 10 Springhares and 1 Porcupine. A fun evening was had by all!

We enjoyed having Chris and we look forward to hosting him in the near future.


Thank you so much for your welcoming nature and generous hospitality. The stay, food and overall experience was simply amazing. I thought that the area around your ranch and home and Hunting areas were amazingly beautiful and the vistas stunning. I absolutely enjoyed the Hunting experience and will have a lifetime of pleasant memories. All the best and wish to return next year!

Regards Chris

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