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Plains Game Hunting in South Africa!

Mark from Massachusetts is doing a mixed Trophy and Cull hunt. This is Mark’s first time Plains Game Hunting in South Africa.

Mark is doing a mixed Trophy and Cull hunt. This is Mark’s first time Plains Game Hunting in South Africa; we are thrilled to have Mark on his first hunt.

03 August 2016

This morning we headed out, it was wet and cold and visibility was not great. We came across a herd of Blue Wildebeest and put a stalk in and Mark made an excellent precision shot at about 100m, bagging his first African animal, which was an old female, and she dropped on the spot.

After lunch at the lodge, we headed out again in the cold, and looking for an Impala ram, we had a really good stalk, where Mark put in another brilliant shot at 150m, dropping the Impala.

On the way to recover the Impala we spotted two warthogs 50m away,  and Mark managed to take both with some excellent quick consecutive shots!

Great first day of Plains Game Hunting in South Africa, well done Mark.

04 August 2016

This morning we headed out looking for Zebra, the weather was a lot milder than yesterday. We found some Zebra first thing in the morning, and put a two-and-a-half-hour stalk in. For at least an hour they stood still and we had to wait for them to move. They then went just over the hill and we thought we had lost them, but luckily they actually turned heading to the side of a valley and so we were able to catch up with them. And Mark was able to bag a beautiful Zebra trophy, following yet another precision shot at 60m.

After a packed lunch in the bush, we spotted a cull Black Wildebeest with a deformed horn, where Mark made a really brilliant shot, it truly was an impressive shot at 150m while the animal was quartering away.

Another great day of hunting with some great stalks, and two excellent shots.

5 August 2016

Today Mark culled two warthogs and an Impala, which was an eventful day stalking and hunting in the African bush. Goes without saying that the day was very enjoyable, and we saw plenty of different game species, and spent some good time out in nature.

6 August 2016

Another excellent day in the field. Mark managed to shoot two Zebra today and three warthogs. Mark has had a great time and he is really good at being out in the bush, and hunting.

7 August 2016

We headed back to the lodge with a full truck; Mark did not mess around today with culling. He managed to shoot two Black Wildebeest and six Warthogs! Unbelievable!

8 August 2016

Mark’s last day hunting, he shot a cull Blue Wildebeest and a Bush Pig, and he ended his African Safari with us shooting another Warthog, which was rather fitting.

Mark is heading home tomorrow, and we are so grateful that he chose Induna Safaris to do his first Plains Game Hunting in South Africa trip. We thoroughly enjoyed hunting with you, had many laughs and some great conversations. We hope to see you soon again Mark.


Induna Safaris, The best Hunting experience in South Africa. Period!!
M H Luddy
P.S. I will be back!!

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