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Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Plains Game Hunting in South Africa for Colorado Family

8th June 2018

After arriving at the Lodge and unpacking and getting use to the place we headed to the range so that everyone could familiarize themselves with the rifles they would be using.

9th June 2018

We went out looking for a Blue Wildebeest bull for Jay, we saw a group from a distance and got out and put in a stalk up a riverbed.  We got to within 80 yards across the riverbed from them and we waited for the correct bull to show himself, when he presented Jay with a shot , Jay made an excellent one shot kill to claim his beautiful Blue Wildebeest bull.

10th June 2018

We put a stalk on a group of Black Wildebeest for Jason and whilst stalking we noticed to the one side there was an old bull lying under a tree about 500 yards away and we decided he looked better than the others and we pursued him. After watching him from behind cover he finally stood giving Jason a shot, the bullet hit him in the shoulder and ricochet and came back out. Jason was able to get another shot that took him down at less than 70 yards.

We went looking for Nyala and whilst looking we spotted a beautiful Diuker ram and we decided to put a stalk on him. The Duiker ram played a game of cat and mouse with us; he kept behind a bush briefly showing himself on the left side and then on the right and kept repeating this until he finally lay down and Brenda made a great shot to claim this great Duiker Ram.

11th June 2018

We spent the day out in the veld and saw numerous animals but none that we could put a stalk on.

12th June 2018

Whilst walking through the thick brush looking for a Nyala we spotted a Jackal and Kelvin took a few shots and eventually get it down. Then after lunch we were driving and saw some Black Wildebeest in the distance, Jay had one on his wish list, so the stalk was on, we stalked it to within 100 yards and Jay made another excellent shot and took him down on the first go.

13th June 2018

We were looking for Steenbuck and saw a group of zebra, Jason was after a Zebra rug so we stalked into about 60 yards of the group and Jason made a great shot with the Zebra only running 50 yards before expiring.
In the evening we headed out to the Bushpig blind and got there at 17:15 and sat till it got dark.  We spotted some Nyala and Porcupines snacking on the oranges and at about 18:20 the pigs came in and we picked out the big boar. Brent took his time and made an excellent shot to claim his first African animal.

14th June 2018

We got up early today to get to the baboon blind before sunrise. When we got there we made the short trek up the steep path and we all climbed into the little blind. We sat there for about an hour and a half and waited for the sun to rise. We could hear the Baboons waking up and barking in the distance. Our tracker Alton radioed us and about 20 minutes later saying he could see them coming down the mountain. We sat very still and listened to Kelvin and Jason describe the baboons as they made their way onto the oranges. They spotted the big male right away and Jason started to slowly get into position. They watched as the big baboon picked through the oranges and then Jason took the shot leaving him lying at the edge of the oranges.

Later that afternoon the wind was blowing very hard but we decided to put a stalk in on a Copper Springbuck Ram. But because of the wind they were able to get within 60 yards and Jay got a great broadside shot to claim a very nice size Copper Springbuck Ram.

15th June 2018

We spent the morning looking for a Steenbuck on a neighboring concession but luck was not on our side.

After lunch we decided to look for a Nyala in the valley’s and were able to put a stalk in on a nice bull and Jay was able to take a shot just before dark at 150 yards. It was a ways from the road and we had to wait for the cart to arrive and watch the sunset and the stars come out.

16th June 2018

Today we took the morning to go back to the neighboring concession to see if we could get another shot at a Steenbuck. The wind was cold and not on our side, but Jay was able to get a shot at one laying down at about 40 yards.
The afternoon was spent looking for Warthogs but none were found, still a good afternoon was had by all.

17th June 2018

Last day of Plains Game Hunting in South Africa for the Colorado family. Jason joined by Jay decided to spend the day looking for a Warthog. Brenda and Brent decided to spend the day at Addo Elephant Park. They saw lots of animals in the Park including Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant to name a few.
Jason and Kevin sat over a watering point hoping for a Warthog to show up. A Warthog did show up after about two hours of sitting and Jason wasted no time in getting him in the crosshairs and making a great shot to get his boar. Well done Jason!

Thanks again to some of the Colorado family for once again choosing Induna Safaris for your second Plains Game Hunting in South Africa safari and to Brent for joining them on his first. We hope to see you all soon. Take care.


First trip anywhere! Awesome experience, great hunting. I think I gained weight whilst here, food was awesome! Top notch Lodge and accommodations. Will be back if I can.
Brent – Colorado

2nd time visiting, another amazing trip! The food, hunting and company were amazing! It’s turned into our home away from home and will be back as soon as we can.
Jay, Jason and Brenda – Colorado

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