Nyala Managent Hunting Mark Luddy

Management Hunting – The Necessity

The need for Management / Cull Hunting Safaris Explained in this hunters report.

Mark Luddy has returned to Induna Safaris for his third Management / Cull Hunting Safari. Mark hunted with us in 2016 and 2018 and Mark felt compelled to return in 2020.

Management hunts targets over bred, old, injured, and horn damaged animals. Many of the animals

Harvested had the above listed traits, management hunts are also an exceptional value. Most management hunters harvest many more animals than trophy hunters. Animal numbers vary from year, to year. In 2016 Warthogs and Wildebeest were plentiful. This year it was Impala that where in great numbers.

Due to the abundance of animals available at Induna Safaris to Hunt, Mark managed to take multiple animals on a daily basis.

Mark had some exciting stalks with many excellent shots, taking a warthog with and then taking a second with a quick follow up shot.

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