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Management Hunting Safari in Africa

The Huggins, our good friends from West Virginia have joined us again for a cull hunt. After arriving and settling in we headed out to have a look around.

Dennie and Sherry did a Trophy Hunt with us in 2015 and decided to join us again this year but on a Management Hunt.

20 September 2016

Our good friends from West Virginia have joined us again for a cull hunt. After arriving and settling in we headed out to have a look around.

21 September 2016

After a leisurely start in the morning and a late breakfast, we went to set in the rifles and to see what we could see. We came across an old warthog down in a canyon, we put a stalk in and Sherry made an excellent shot – well done on first hunt for the trip Sherry. Then after lunch we came across a Blue Wildebeest, that we stalked, and then Denny made a great shot getting a Blue Wildebeest.

22 September 2016

In the morning we were stalking some impala and whilst on the stalk we came across a group of Blue Wildebeest and Sherry made yet another fabulous shot!

23 September 2016

In the morning Denny shot another cull warthog, and in the afternoon Denny made an excellent one shot kill on a Black Wildebeest.

24 September 2016

Today was the day for the White Springbuck. We went out after breakfast looking for a nice White Springbuck Ram.  We found some White Springbuck Rams, and we spotted one ram with a deformed horn, that Sherry managed to shoot as a Cull Hunt- a great one-shot kill.

We carried on, and then we found a great Trophy White Springbuck Ram, but the ram managed to keep eluding us, until finally we managed to stalk upon him and Sherry was able to claim her beautiful White Springbuck Trophy!

25 September 2016

We spent the morning at Daniell Cheetah Breeding Project interacting with the Cheetahs.
We headed over to Addo Park for lunch and then took a drive around to see what wildlife we could Photograph. We saw numerous Elephant, and the highlights of the afternoon were coming onto a Cape Buffalo that had just been killed by a pride of lions and a stand-off at a water hole between a Cape Buffalo and an Elephant, the Elephant won.

26 September 2016

We did a great stalk on a group of Impalas and Sherrie took a shot but unfortunately, the Impala was hit but we could not find the animal. In the afternoon whilst stalking a group of Blue Wildebeest we came across a group of Kudu bulls 60 yards off. Dennie made a shot and they took off, they did stop across a valley and Dennie made another shot that also contacted with the shot Kudu. They split up and the stalk was made again on the wounded Kudu, he managed to get away again and we decided to leave him till first light. When we eventually found the Kudu again we were too late as the Bushpigs had got to him before us and he had eaten on and there was nothing left to salvage.

27 September 2016

What a great day of Management Hunt in Africa for Dennie. He managed to get an Impala, White Springbuck and Blue Wildebeest with some great stalking. We also went out in the evening lamping for a porcupine but no joy was had.

28 September 2016

Today Sherrie managed to get another Warthog after another great stalk. Sherrie is truly enjoying her Management Hunt in Africa.

29 September 2016

This morning Dennie and Sherrie both managed to get Management Hunt Warthogs, 20 minutes apart from each other with some great stalks and shooting.
This afternoon Sherrie made yet another great shot after an excellent stalk to get another Warthog.

We would like to thank Dennie and Sherrie for yet again choosing Induna Safaris, and on this occasion to do their Management Hunt in Africa.


It is unbelievable but, our second trip to Induna was better than the first.

Sherry and I have completed our second Safari at Induna.  We had planned in advance to hunt, but three weeks before our departure date I had a mild attack, but after two stints I was released by Cleveland Clinic to continue with our safari. I felt quite confident making the trip since Denise is a very competent registered nurse.

We contacted Kelvin and Denise as soon as I knew I had a heart problem and I was advised all my money would be returned to me if we could not make the trip. What class!

Visiting Induna you are the only client and you receive 100% of the staff's attention, which is superior service and superior food. Ladies if you want to visit Africa with your husband, but are not sure of the conditions, this is the place to visit as Denise will make your stay very pleasant and welcoming.

You will find an abundance of trophy animals, which make hunting and photography a true dream vacation.

We would highly recommend Induna to any group or individual hunter as the best safari in South Africa.

Dennie and Sherry
Williamson, West Virginia

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