Hunting Kudu Leveringtons

Leverington’s on a South Africa Safari!

Steve Leverington and Daughter Meredith from Iowa are on a South Africa Safari with Induna Safaris. This is Steve’s second South Africa Safari and Meredith’s first South Africa Safari.

9 April 2018

Early arrival at Port Elizabeth, and then straight back to the lodge, where they settled in after their long travel, enjoying some refreshments and snacks, before heading out to sight in the rifles, and spending the day glassing and familiarising themselves with the surroundings and terrain.

10 April 2018

We woke up to some very welcoming rain, which did interfere with the visibility. So we were out in the bush all day, saw a number of animals, but nothing that of Trophy quality. Although nothing was shot we had a great day, being out in nature.

11 April 2018

Today was Steve’s day to get a beautiful Nyala Trophy. The day started with us doing a stalk on a nice Kudu bull, which managed to get our scent and disappeared. After a bush lunch, we were looking for another trophy kudu bull, when we came across the Nyala. We put in a stalk of about 700m, for Steve to be able to take a great shot on the Nyala bull, which ran a few meters and expired.

12 April 2018

This morning started again with us looking for the grey ghosts, Kudu, but they eluded us again. We then decided to go after an Impala for Meredith. From on top of a hill, we spotted a group of rams feeding, they were off in the distance. We put a stalk in, the Impalas winded us, they moved into a clearing and then were whistling at us, and then when the trophy that Meredith was planning on shooting turned broadside, she took a shot, bagging her first African Trophy, wearing her lucky Induna Cap!

13 April 2018

What a day Friday the 13th turned out to be. In the morning, we stalked a Waterbuck bull, that took off and got away. We went up a ridge to look for the Waterbuck bull again, and then spotted two Kudu bulls feeding, and saw that one was of good Trophy quality, we put in a stalk. Steve got to within 80 yards, where he watched the Kudu for a while feeding away from us. As soon as he turned broadside, Steve was quick off the mark, and he took a brilliant shot, dropping this beautiful Trophy Kudu bull.

We went back to the lodge for a quick lunch, before heading out again.

The afternoon was spent looking for a Kudu bull for Meredith, we spotted a number of bulls throughout the afternoon, but with no luck. On the way back to the lodge we saw a Kudu bull in a dry watering hole. We crept up on to the dam wall, and Meredith made a 90 yard shot, on a magnificent Kudu Bull. A very successful day hunting – two spectacular Kudu bulls.

14 April 2018

This morning Steve and I went to look for the Waterbuck Trophy we lost the previous day, with determination that we were bringing this animal home. We spent the morning looking for the Waterbuck, and eventually spotted him a few valleys over from where we had seen him previously. We managed to get within 125 yards, where Steve took a great shot to claim the elusive and beautiful Waterbuck bull! What a fantastic Trophy, this was really a memorable hunt for all involved.

The afternoon was spent looking for a Gemsbuck for Meredith, we did see but had no luck!

15 April 2018

We spent the morning at Danniell Cheetah breeding sanctuary and then the afternoon in the Addo Elephant Park.

16 April 2018

Today was a great day for Meredith! We went out looking for Gemsbuck and Meredith managed to take a great bull. Luck was definitely on her side as a group of about nine Gemsbuck was bumped in thick brush and they ran and stopped 30 yards in front of Meredith and she made an excellent shot to claim an excellent bull.

17 April 2018

Last day of hunting for the duo on their South Africa Safari and what a day it was! Steve managed to take a great Trophy Lechwe!  We went out looking for Lechwe but didn’t see anything until late in the morning when we came across a group of five bulls. We decided on the one to take and a quick stalk was put in for Steve to get his Trophy Lechwe! Well done Steve

Great having you guys and we look forward to hosting you in the near future!


Induna Safaris is first class. Denise and the lodge staff provide a clean and comfortable environment to relax and enjoy the exceptionally prepared meals. Elton is a seasoned and hardworking tracker and skinner. The two boys are polite and typical boys. Kyan will kick your butt in battleship. Kelvin is, well, ok. In all seriousness, he is a passionate and dedicated PH that is knowledgeable and works hard to get you on animals. I will recommend Induna Safaris to everyone I know. The experience my daughter and I had will be forever cherished.


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