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Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Hunting Safari in South Africa – Canadian Father Chris and Son Ollie

After greatly enjoying two previous trips to Induna Safaris, Chris and now his son, Ollie, decided to travel and hunt, arriving March 16th after previously spending a week in South Africa, including at Addo Elephant Park.  It was perilous travel; dodging COVID-19 at each airport but arriving healthy and unscathed!  After arriving, it was off to the range to sight in the rifles and get reacquainted to shooting off sticks.

March 18

We began the day looking for Impala and spotted several in the hills but were mostly immature rams.  In a sheltered valley, there were three trophy-quality rams and one was spotted in a draw while walking along the ridge.  Elton took Ollie to within 60 m of the ram and a shot dropped the Ram but was high in the shoulder.  After a short pursuit and spotting the ram on the road, a second shot dropped it and secured Ollie’s Trophy.  A fine, very mature Ram with worn tips.  In the afternoon, the time was spent looking for warthog and Ollie had two opportunities for boars; one ran just as getting set up; and, the other after a good stalk, unfortunately, shot high.

March 19

Returned to the area where the one good-sized Warthog boar was found and while spotted him while glassing, the boar and group disappeared.  Ollie was able to make a good shot and harvested a young boar near a waterhole.  Returning in the afternoon, the same boar and group were spotted and “Olliehog” was tracked with a cat-and-mouse game played right until dark and where they were pursued, right to the holes they were digging to spend the night.

March 20

We left early in the AM for a drive to a concession to pursue Common Reedbuck.  The Commons were hard hit from the recent drought and not many areas were reported to have any appreciable numbers.  Shortly after arriving to this concession that had a hold-out population, two rams were spotted along with a group of Mountain Reedbuck.  An amazing Ram was sky-lighted and at a distance of about 200 m.  A shot was made but was low and a second shot dropped the ram after moving closer.  It had an incredible character with splayed horns and scored well into SCI gold!

A tale of hogmaziness!  The hog named “Olliehog Sr.” was seen on the 18th and again on the 19th but considerable Intel was acquired: where its territory was; where it watered and where it went into the holes at night; and, the route from the hillside down.   Oliiehog Sr. was seen in the later afternoon but was lost in a maze of bushveld scrub. On spec, a position was taken up in the suspected route and a brief appearance was made by the hog and his companions just before dark.  Ollie had a split second to set up, acquire and made a perfect heart shot to get his namesake!

March 21

Another spectacular day!  We headed to a nearby hilly area looking for Zebra and saw a herd heading up a steep 4×4 road, eventually reaching the top and then up and over.  The plan was then set to travel back around and see if they could be spotted on the North side of the hills. It was late morning, and the Zebra could not be seen but a herd of Eland was observed, along with Red Hartebeest and other animals.  They were left bedded down for a return in the late afternoon at which time they were spotted on the hillside, along with the Zebra herd and cast of dozens of other animals with many pairs of eyes!  The plan involved crouching and slowly moving along a wash towards the Eland; the new target and a large Eland bull, aptly named “Egrand.”  Initially, the Eland were about 250 m away and a final move put them at about 150 m.  Much to our amazement, most of the animals moved towards us and we had to keep perfectly still as Eland, Zebra and Red Hartebeest were within 20 to 50 m.  Minutes before the end of the shooting light, Egrand moved out from behind a tree and presented a frontal shot at 70 m.  The 375 H&H, 300 grain soft point did its work and the Eland dropped within 100 m…then the real work loading began!


Denise and Kelvin,
Thank you so much for this awesome experience. It stands to reason why I keep coming back; great company; good times; excellent hospitality and great memories. I’ll be sure to be back again with a bow and pursuit of the elusive “special Monkey”


Denise & Kelvin
Thank you so much for making my first time here so welcoming and special, from the great meals to the late-night rescue, to my three-day hunt of Ollie–Hog. This adventure is not one I will ever forget.

Ollie   “Ollie-Andre”

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