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Hunting Plains Game with Induna Safaris

Jonathan from Pennsylvania visited Induna Safaris for his African Hunting Plains Game Hunt.

4 September 2016

Jonathan from Pennsylvania arrived today at Induna Safaris for his African Hunting Plains Game Hunt. After a light lunch we headed out to sight in the rifle and have a scout around the area.

5 September 2016

We went out in the morning looking for Nyala, we came across about 18 Nyala Bulls but due to the windy conditions, we were unable to get close enough to take a shot.

6 September 2016

Today we planned to go and get a Kudu bull, we spotted a group of 6 bulls, put in a stalk, but they managed to elude us, and live up to their name of the Grey Ghost. Following lunch at the lodge, we went to find another kudu bull. After coming across another 12 bulls, we put in stalk. While we were sitting waiting for them to get into position for a shot at a chosen bull, a kudu bull came out of a draw below us at 60 yards, where Jonathan made a good shot, dropping him in his tracks. A really good specimen, well done on your first animal at Induna Safaris.

7 September 2016

Another great day in the field, Jonathan managed to get a magnificent Nyala bull, after a really interesting and enjoyable stalk that lasted for about an hour and a half. Jonathan made a very good 60 m shot, while he was moving away.

8 September 2016

Congratulations to Jonathan on a beautiful bushbuck trophy that he added to his list. We went out in the morning looking for a bushbuck. We were watching a valley we saw two rams and three ewes and Jonathan made an excellent 145 yard shot at 45 degrees. A magnificent animal. Well done Jonathan!

This afternoon we went out to check the Bushpig bait, and Jonathan shot two cull warthogs on the way.

09 September 2016

Today Gemsbuck was on the cards. The morning we spent glassing for a bull, but they seemed to have got the better of us. After lunch, we found an unbelievable Gemsbuck bull and Jonathan managed to get himself an excellent 40” Gemsbuck bull. A once in a lifetime trophy.

10 September 2016

What a night of hunting! Jonathan is in Africa Hunting Plains Game. We went and sat on the Bushpig bait as we noticed they had started visiting early in the evening. We were in position at 18:00 and the first lot of Bushpig came in at 18:20, but no big Boars were with them. They left an hour later and at 20:00 another group came in, and a big Boar was present. Jonathan made an excellent 70-yard shot to get this magnificent Bushpig Boar. Well done!

11 September 2016

Another great day in Africa Hunting Plains Game with Jonathan! We hung around until after lunch as it was a pretty miserable morning but once the sun came out the animals started moving. Jonathan had a Warthog on the cards today and whilst sitting watching a valley, two nice Boars were spotted. We decided on the one to pursue and the hunt was on. We managed to get to 160 yards from the Warthog and Jonathan made a shot but wounded the Warthog. We managed to follow it and Jonathan managed to get another shot in to secure his Boar. Well done!

12 September 2016

We ended up spending the day at Addo Elephant Park, doing some sightseeing. We spotted Elephant, Kudu, Buffalo, Leopards and various other Plains Game. Jonathan also visited the Daniell Cheetah breeding project and got some pictures of himself interacting with the Cheetah.

13 September 2016

Jonathan’s last day in Africa Hunting Plains Game. All Jonathan’s chosen Trophies have been harvested so we have decided to do some Cull Hunting. We came across a mature Impala Ram with only one horn and Jonathan made an excellent shot to secure the Ram.
We went out lamping after dark and we managed to take a Porcupine and numerous Springhares. What a fun evening was had by all.

14 September 2016

Jonathan flies back to the US today and we would like to thank him for choosing Induna Safaris for his African Hunting Plains Game Safari.


Where to begin?

I guess we will start with the hunting after all that’s why I came here. I have hunted many places with many outfitters but can honestly say Induna is at the top!! Hunting with Kelvin was very enjoyable and exciting. It was the first time in a while that I felt my blood pump. Kelvin really knows his animals and his business. Every trophy I took exceeded my expectations. When we were not hunting I really enjoyed watching and learning about everyday life down there. Denise went out of her way to make me feel so welcome, whatever the request it was answered with a smile. A real honest caring person! Nice to find these days! Especially after spending all day with Kelvin (LOL).

The accommodations are excellent. The staff pays attention to every detail. The trophy care is top-notch. The food exceeded my expectations and every meal was met with excitement, especially dessert.

To wrap up this long comment Induna Safaris is the finest all-round hunting lodge I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you.

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