Hunting Reedbuck - Chris and Lilli

Hunting Plains Game South Africa

Hunting Plains Game in South Africa – Chris and Lilli returns to Induna Safaris.

After a shark cage diving adventure in Mossel Bay and a drive along the Garden Route from Cape Town.   After arriving, took some time to get used to the 30-06 at the range and then at dusk looked for Vervet monkeys but they did not go to the water hole and trees to stay the night.

July 12, 2019

Awoke in the AM to look for Nyala and while searching the valley and on a rise, saw two trophy warthog fighting.  Decided to stalk after them but the wind changed direction and a herd of kudu spooked, alerting the warthog who disappeared over the ridge.  Heading back to another area, saw many kudu and a magnificent trophy Nyala.  The stalk took us to an edge of a causeway along a water hole, and a good shot secured Chris’s Trophy Nyala.  A truly awesome animal, with exceptional spiral horns. Whilst having lunch we watched many springbok and then decided to look for more warthog and ended up harvesting a management sow.

July 13

Today, Lilli had a wonderful day shopping in PE with Denise, picking up African art items and other curios.  They also went to the Daniel Cheetah Breeding Centre where Lilli petted a Hyena and was licked by a cheetah.  Chris went hunting for Mountain Reedbuck in a concession to the west of Induna that was hilly and rocky and had a wonderful view of the Karoo plains.  Several groups of Mountain Reedbuck were seen and one had a very nice ram.  This group had been spooked by the vehicle and disappeared over a ridge and the stalk led to the ram lying down behind the ewes.  A shot was made before the ram could run off.  A great trophy in a beautiful setting!  In the afternoon, time was spent at the Lodge looking for warthog.  While no trophies were seen, many different animals were spotted including what could only be described as being incredibly “kudalicious!”

July 14

Lilli and Denise spent the day at Addo National Park and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Truly a South African gem and it is an amazing opportunity to see such a variety of wild animals in their natural setting.

Chris, Kelvin and Alton went in pursuit of Warthog and the morning was shrouded in fog and a cold breeze.  After the sun rays warmed the valley bottoms, many groups of Warthog were seen but with no shooting boars evident.

In the later afternoon whilst glassing a grassy knoll that in the day before had some mature “pigs,” two shootable Warthog were seen amongst a group.  A stalk to the ridge led to a shot opportunity at about 120 yards, but in the excitement the shot was high.  Rather than face disappointment and in a very surprising change in fortune, the group ran straight to us and a snap, shoulder shot secured the warthog at 20 yards.

With one round left, a porcupine was harvested right next to where the warthog lay.  Another great day in a short but wonderful trip!


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality, great conversations and welcoming accommodation. Although it was a quick trip, the Hunting was awesome and was thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to coming back again in 2020 with my son,Ollie.
Wow! What an amazing time we had! This has been an incredible visit. I saw and experienced so many great things! It was extra special that I had the chance to get to know you and your family better! Thank you so much!
Chris and Lilli

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