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Patrick from Austria received a 40th Birthday present that every Hunter could only wish for. A Hunting trip to Africa!

Patrick from Austria received a 40th Birthday present that every Hunter could only wish for.

A Hunting trip to Africa! Patrick’s wife Nirvatha bought him a 4 day trip to Induna Safaris, of which 2 days were to be Hunting in Africa and the trip was to include a Kudu and an Impala!

19 February 2019

After meeting at Port Elizabeth Airport we headed back to the Lodge so that Patrick and Nirvatha could settle in and meet the rest of the team. After a quick snack, we headed to the range so that Patrick could get comfortable with the rifle he would be using for his Safari, a 30-06. After a few shots and some tweaking of the scope, we headed out to glass for animals in the remaining light.

20 February 2019

We headed to one of our properties that is famous for the class of Kudu that can be found there, we looked all morning and saw numerous bulls but unfortunately, we only had one opportunity on a very nice Kudu bull but he didn’t stop for long enough to give Patrick a shot. We headed back to camp for lunch and a lay down due to the midday heat as all the animals would be bedding down.

Late afternoon we decided to go have a look in the valleys behind the Lodge, after glassing for about 20 minutes our tracker spotted a group of Kudu bulls 200 yards below us feeding in the thick brush. We decided to get ready and put a stalk in to take a closer look, we managed to get within 80 yards of the Kudu bulls and spent some time looking them over. We decided on one bull that looked promising and got ready for a shot as the kudus were feeding from our right to our left passing right in front of us. Six Kudu bulls passed through without seeing us but the bull we had seen earlier was lagging behind, and he would have to stop right behind a bush and start a stare-off with us as he heard something. After standing for about 5 minutes (which felt like a lifetime with the numbing of the feet) he proceeded to walk on and Patrick made one heck of a shot to get his Kudu bull and his first African animal. Follow-up shots were made but were not necessary, just security measures.

21 February 2019

Today an Impala ram was on the cards. We glassed from various hill tops until two rams were spotted feeding in the distance. Even with the distance I could tell these rams were good trophies and were worth pursuing. We had to drive a few kilometers before we could start the stalk. We started the stalk and started glassing where we thought the rams would be but they had moved lower down and one spotted us alerting the other and they ran away from us up on top of the neighboring hill. Another stare off started as the ram we were after stopped and turned to see what the other ram had made the alarm for. After about 30 minutes happy that no danger was present the ram walked over the hill out of sight, we put in another stalk after him and as we came over the hill he was feeding to our left about 40 yards away and Patrick made yet another brilliant shot, claiming  his Trophy Impala ram.

What a day Hunting in Africa!

Well done Patrick!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting to know Patrick and Nirvatha.

22 February 2019

Patrick and Nirvatha left today to spend the rest of their holiday relaxing in Natal. Although it was a very short Safari I can guarantee you that Patrick is hooked and this will not be his last time Hunting Africa!

‘Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is the worst of all’


Thank you for making our stay an unforgettable experience! I came here as a European Hunter not knowing what to expect and am leaving as an enthusiastic African Hunter.
Thank you Kelvin for your patience, guidance and all your knowledge you shared with me. It was one of the best experiences ever and I will definitely come back again.
Thank you for making my 40th Birthday unforgettable

Patrick and Nirvatha

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