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Cunningham’s on Safari - I met Coleman and Jeanne at Cape Town airport. We spent a great few days in Cape Town enjoying the sights, scenery and activities. On our first day we enjoyed driving around Cape Town on the hop on hop off tourist bus.

I met Coleman and Jeanne at Cape Town airport. We spent a great few days in Cape Town enjoying the sights, scenery and activities. On our first day we enjoyed driving around Cape Town on the hop on hop off tourist bus.

We stopped and did a quick look around the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. That was followed by a delicious lunch of fish and chips at Hout Bay harbor, followed by a short boat trip to seal island.

The following day we went to the Castle of Good Hope, where we did a very interesting tour.  We took a scenic drive to the top of signal hill. We then indulged in a decadent high tea at the Mount Nelson hotel. We took a walk to walk off the massive lunch of delicious treats; we went and had a look at the penguins on Boulders beach.

The morning was spent browsing and shopping at the V&A Waterfront.  In the afternoon we had a very informative tour to Robben Island.

Today was a fabulous day spent in the beautiful winelands of Franschoek. We did some wonderful wine tasting and had some spectacular meals.

On our way out of Cape Town, we headed to Cape Point, and enjoyed the amazing scenery and sights there, before leaving Cape Town and heading to Mossel Bay.

Spent the night in Mossel Bay, and then drove onto Plettenberg Bay, stopping in Knysna for a lovely lunch and a boat trip to the famous Knysna Heads.

Once we arrived in Plettenberg Bay we went to the very interesting reptile park, before having a lovely dinner on the ocean side.

Today was full of exciting animal activities; the morning was spent at the Elephant Sanctuary where Coleman and Jeanne were able to interact with the peaceful giants. In the afternoon Coleman and Jeanne got to enjoy the primates and birds.

The following day we drove to Port Elizabeth, where Kelvin collected us and took us back to Induna Safaris lodge. On the way we stopped at Storms River and we watched the adrenaline junkies doing the world’s highest bungy jump at Bloukrans.

27 August 2018

Today the Coleman’s arrived at the Lodge, they got unpacked and settled in.

28 August 2018

After sighting in the rifles we headed out into the veldt to see what Trophy animals we could put a stalk on.
We saw numerous Kudu’s, Impala’s and various other animals but unfortunately we didn’t manage to take a Trophy.

29 July 2018

Today Coleman managed to take a great Impala Trophy after a great stalk.

30 July 2018

We headed to another concession after Red Lechwe, we saw numerous Trophy rams. We put a stalk on three rams and after kilometres of hiking uphill in hot conditions, Coleman took a shot but unfortunately the shot wasn’t on. We found another group a couple of hours later and we put a stalk on a great ram and this time Coleman made a great shot to secure this magnificent ram.

31 July 2018

We only had a half day to hunt today as we were off to Schotia safaris for the afternoon. We decided to pursue Blue Wildebeest as we had been seeing a group of Blue Wildebeest bulls around the Lodge. We put a long difficult stalk on the Blue Wildebeest once we had located the group. The group were lying down when we eventually go into shooting range, we were behind some brush and could not get a clear shot, we decided to step out and get on the sticks hoping the bulls would just stand up and look at us before running off. This is exactly what they did and the bull we were after managed to turn broadside and Coleman managed to make a great shot to secure his Trophy Blue Wildebeest. Coleman is definitely enjoying Hunting Africa
The afternoon was spent a Schotia safaris, where we did a guided game drive and saw lots of animals including Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Rhino to name a few. We finished off the guided safari with a boma meal.

1 August 2018

Today Coleman managed to take a great Nyala Bull. We were out looking for a Kudu bull and manged to spot this Nylal bull feeding in the distance in some thicket. We watched him for an hour or more until he fed out into a clearing over a hill, we put in a stalk after him and Coleman managed to make a great shot as the bull stopped to look in our direction, the bull didn’t run far after a great shot placement by Coleman.

2 August 2018

We headed out to another concession after a very old Dugga boy. This Buffalo was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity bull to hunt, not very often you get the opportunity at a bull of 15+ years in age and you could see this by his horns.
After driving around for a couple of hours we located a group of Buffalo that was 30+ strong, we eventually located the bull we were after and a plan was put together. We put in a stalk and got into position, Coleman made a solid hit on the bull but unfortunately, it did not put the bull down. We tracked the bull for the following 6 hours and at some points coming within 10 meters of him but the brush was so thick we could not see him, just hear him taking off. It eventually got dark and we had to call it a day. We were in high spirits that we should get onto him the next day.

3 August 2018

Unfortunately, it rained pretty hard during the night and we couldn’t pick up the tracks or find any blood to track. We carried on until midday but eventually had to call it a day. The trackers promised to carry on and would give us a call if anything was seen.

4 August 2018

Unfortunately no luck in the field today but all in all a good day was had by all.

5 August 2018

We decided we had to carry on after the Buffalo ordeal and headed out after Black Wildebeest, a group was spotted in the flats and we put a stalk in. Coleman managed to make a great one shot kill to secure this magnificent Black Wildebeest bull.

6 August 2018

We were out hunting Waterbuck when we got the call to say they had located the Buffalo bull, wounded and still going. We quickly headed to the concession and as you can imagine our spirits were high again. We eventually got there and Coleman managed to get this once-in-a-lifetime Dugga boy Buffalo, as you can see from the photo.

7 August 2018

We decided a Kudu bull was on the list of animals to pursue today. We had seen numerous bulls over the last week but had had no luck. We decided to head into the thickets where they tend to lye up in the day. We managed to locate a bull at about 120 yards across a valley feeding. All we could see was his horns which were what we were looking for but we wanted to make sure he was an old bull. We must have watched him for a couple of hours before he stepped out and we knew straight away he was an older bull that needed to be taken. As soon as the opportunity was given Coleman made a brilliant shot to secure this beautiful Eastern Cape Kudu bull. Now this is Hunting Africa.

We decided to take the Kudu bull home to get skinned out and then it was after Waterbuck. We decided to head to a spot where we had seen a Waterbuck bull lying down a few days before. Lo and behold he was lying down in the exact spot, we put in a stalk and Coleman made an excellent shot to secure this old Waterbuck bull.

8 August 2018

Coleman and Jeanne decided to relax around the Lodge and slowly get ready for the trip home.
We went out for an hour before dinner lamping as Jeanne decided she would like some Porcupine quills for decoration in her house. We saw a couple before Coleman managed to get one and make his wife happy!

It was great having the Cunninghams in camp and we know they will be back and we welcome them with open arms. Take care guys.


We cannot fully express our heart full thanks and appreciation to Kelvin, Denise, Donovan and Erna for making this trip our most memorable ever! We have fallen in love with Africa and your family. The Hunting was truly unforgettable, exciting and totally amazing!
Thank you all!

Cunningham – USA

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