Hunting Buffalo in South Africa

Hunting Dangerous Game in South Africa

Ed and Seth Hunted Plains Game with us in 2014 and decided to return and do a combined Dangerous Game and Plains Game Hunt.

Ed and Seth Hunted Plains Game with us in 2014 and decided to return and do a combined Dangerous Game and Plains Game Hunt.

18 August 2016

After arriving at the lodge and having something to eat we headed out to the shooting range to make sure their rifles were still shooting as they wanted. Both Ed and Seth would be using 375 H&H’s.

19 August 2016

We were looking for an Impala ram for Seth today. Lots were spotted but we didn’t manage to get a shot on the one we had chosen to harvest as it just wouldn’t present itself for a clear shot. Seth is looking for two rams as he would like to do full mounts on them both and have them in a fighting position.

20 August 2016

After a great stalk and some great shooting, Seth managed to get his first Impala ram for the fighting scene. Once the Impala was skinned out and the vehicle was packed it was off to the Western Cape for us as the Guys would be doing the Great White Shark Cage Dive in the morning.

21 August 2016

Early start for the guys! They had to be at the meeting point at 06:30 to get on the boat to do the Great White Shark Cage Dive. They really enjoyed themselves and many sharks were seen, literally a foot away from them.

We headed off to the next camp, where Seth would be up first for his buffalo hunt.

22 August 2016

We spent the whole day glassing and hiking for a Buffalo bull, we saw lots of tracks but none were spotted until last light.

23 August 2016

We got to the last place we saw the Buffalo but again they had eluded us. In the early afternoon, we got a radio call to say some bulls were spotted and the hunt was on. We put a stalk in but they got our wind and took off. Whilst standing on the edge of a valley that was covered in thick brush glassing, we heard the bulls moving in our direction so we set up and waited. The bull appeared 30 yards away from us and Seth made an excellent shot to get his very hard-bossed 38’ bull. Well done Seth! I’m sure it won’t be the last.

24 August 2016

We headed to our next camp. Once we arrived we decided to head out to see what we could find for Ed. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side and we came home empty-handed.

25 August 2016

Today was Ed’s turn to hunt a Cape Buffalo! We headed out and 9 Big Bulls were spotted but they kept heading for the thick cover. The heat picked up and made the hunt more difficult. We managed to get into a position 100 yards from a group of 6 bulls but the one we wanted to take didn’t present itself for a clear shot and they took off. Ed is looking to take a really good Buffalo Bull as he wishes to do a full mount. After a couple of hours, we managed to get onto the Bulls again and Ed made an excellent frontal shot to anchor his Buffalo Bull and what a Trophy he is coming in just under 41”. Well done Ed!

26 August 2016

We headed back to main camp, Induna!

27 August 2016

Ed managed to get a really great Black Wildebeest Bull after a brilliant stalk and a great shot.

Seth managed to get a second Impala ram this afternoon to be able to complete his fighting scene with his two full-mount Impalas.

28 August 2016

Whilst conducting our other hunts we had been keeping an eye out for a Waterbuck Bull for Seth. We decided to dedicate today to finding a bull. After glassing and walking for hours one was spotted that we decided deserved a closer look. The Bull decided to lay down and the stalk was on. Seth managed to stalk into about 15 yards and to make a free-standing shot to get his Waterbuck Bull and what a Trophy he is. Well done Seth

29 August 2016

We headed to a neighbouring concession for Red Lechwe as Seth wished to harvest one. We glassed numerous Bulls and we decided on one and Seth made a great shot to get yet another great Trophy. Ed decided right there and then that he would like to take one as he loved the look and quality of the Bulls. We found another Trophy and after a great stalk Ed also had a Lechwe Bull to add to his collection.

We headed back to camp and as there was still hunting time left we headed out. We spotted a group of Blesbuck rams and a stalk was put in. Ed managed to make a great shot to get a beautiful ram coming in at just under 17”.

30 August 2016

Gemsbuck was on the cards for today. We headed to a concession not too far away and after a full days hunting over flat ground and many kilometres of walking we managed to get both Gemsbuck. Well done guys. These would be the last trophies for Ed and Seth on this trip. Hunting Dangerous Game and Plains Game in South Africa!

31 August 2016

We headed 2.5 hours up the road so that Seth could do the World Highest Bungy jump! Seth did do the Jump, well done to him, Ed decided to give it a skip on this trip! We spent the afternoon in Jeffery’s bay and had lunch at a restaurant on the beach.

1 September 2016

The guys flew home today. It was great having Ed and Seth back Hunting Dangerous Game and Plains Game with us in South Africa! We really enjoyed having you and we hope to see you again in the near future.


The second visit to Induna exceeded our first experience. The hospitality and hunting preparation could not have been improved upon. We were treated like family by both Kelvin and Denise and staff.

Another trip to Induna and another trip that could not have been beaten. Everything exceeded our expectations from the hunting to the hospitality to the people. Kelvin and Denise and the entire staff are top notch and I’m happy to call them friends. I can’t wait for my next trip!

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