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Hunter returns for another African Hunting Safari

Richard has returned for another African Hunting Safaris with us at Induna Safaris! Richard last Hunted with us in 2012 and decided to return for three days

Richard has returned for another African Hunting Safaris with us at Induna Safaris! Richard last Hunted with us in 2012 and decided to return for three days before he joined his wife for a tour through South Africa.

7th March 2017

Richard hunted with us in 2012, and we had such an exciting hunt then, Richard returned with high expectations. The hunt we had when Richard got his Kudu Trophy last time was such a memorable hunt, that I have repeated that story numerous times. It was good to reminisce with the man of the hour!
After arriving at the lodge we spent the afternoon sighting in the rifle, Richard has chosen to use one of our rifles, a 30.06

8th March 2017

We left early in the morning, armed with a packed breakfast and lunch and much enthusiasm, ready to search for a Bushbuck. After a full day of hunting and glassing the elusive Bushbuck defeated us yet again! Going home empty handed, it was a disappointment but did not dampen the enjoyment of the day. It was a great day full of much laughing, storytelling and of course being in the bush. We did see numerous ewes during the day and of course numerous rams on the drive home, in the dark.

9th March 2017

Due to the lack of Bushbuck sightings, we decided to change tactics and headed out after a Nyala. We scoured a large area and saw numerous Nyala Bulls. After lunch, we saw two Bulls emerge from the brush and decided to pursue one. A third Bull appeared and they started to have a stand-off, we made our move whilst they were concentrating on each other. We got to within 60 meters, we thought we were going to get busted but everything worked in our favour, and Richard made a great quartering towards us shot to drop the Bull in his tracks. What a great stalk and Trophy!

10th March 2017

It was decided to not waste any more time on the Bushbuck, as due to the drought they were only coming out late in the evening and Richard chose to spend the day doing some Management Hunting. Numerous stalks and missed attempts were made during the morning. After a great lunch and a good stalk in the afternoon Richard managed to get an old Blue Wildebeest cow with a great shot, she only ran about 30 yards before expiring.

11th March 2017

Today Richard leaves us to meet up with his wife to start their tour of South Africa. It was great seeing and Hunting with you again Richard and we hope the rest of your holiday is a great one. See you soon and take care.


Back to Induna again after the elusive Bushbuck. The long drought however prevented the Bushbuck from venturing out from their strongholds in dense cover. We decided to go for Nyala and succeeded in bagging a fantastic ram, after a very exciting stalk. A beautiful Trophy which will always remind me of my second trip to Induna with Kelvin and his delightful family.
Thank you for looking after me so well. I look forward to my next visit.

Richard – France

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