Hunting Copper Springbuck

Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunt

James from Canada is on a Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunt.

James from Canada is on a Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunt.

25 June 2017

James arrived on the 25 June and after freshing up and getting a quick bite it was off to the range to sight in the rifle. James would be using a 30.06.

26 June 2017

Spent the morning glassing for Kudu and Impala. In the afternoon we spotted an excellent Blesbuck that was bedded down. We put a stalk in and James waited for the Blesbuck to stand and start feeding before he made an excellent shot at 105 yards. Well done James on your first African Trophy.

27 June 2017

Whilst glassing for Impala we spotted a Kudu bull feeding in the distance, we decided to make a move on it and started our stalk. The Kudu bull went and lay down and we managed to stalk within 80 yards of the bull. The bull was facing away from us and a 2 hour wait unfolded. The Kudu bull eventually stood up and presented James with a broadside shot. The Kudu ran twenty yards before expiring. Well done James.

28 June 2017

Another great Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunt for James today. The morning was spent glassing the hills looking for Nyala. Many were seen in the distance but no stalks were made.
Late in the afternoon we spotted 5 Nyala bulls grazing in the distance and we decided to put in a stalk and get closer. We got to within 70 yards and James made a great shot to get his great Nyala bull.

29 June 2017

No luck in the veld today, Trophy wise! James did managed to make a great 170 yard shot on a cull Kudu cow we came across, she was sunning herself and we could see she was old. We took a look in her mouth and she had no teeth left, a great cull animal to take out.

30 June 2017

Managed to take a great Trophy Black Wildebeest bull today with a 220 yard shot. We stalked up until the last bush between us and three bulls sleeping and we decided on the bull to take James made a great shot, the bull ran 20 yards before expiring. Well done James.

1 July 2017

Two failed attempts at Impala rams today; hopefully we have better luck tomorrow.

2 July 2017

Another great day of stalking. We managed to put a stalk in on an Impala ram first thing in the morning but unfortunately James missed the ram as it was on a downhill and quartering away shot. We got onto another ram shortly after and a great stalk was put in and James managed to take this great older Trophy ram at 180 yards.

3 July 2017

We decided to take the day off from Hunting and spent it sightseeing. James visited the Cheetah breeding sanctuary and Addo Elephant Park. Various animals were photographed including herds of Cape Buffalo and Elephant.

4 July 2017

A very good day was had in the veld today. James took a Copper Springbuck in the morning, the Copper Springbuck was shot a bit low with the initial shot and some tracking and a follow up shot was required to get this beautiful ram.
In the afternoon we went looking for Warthog, but ended up taking a magnificent Kudu bull. Whilst glassing for Warthogs we spotted the Kudu bull slowly feeding in our direction and we could tell straight away that this opportunity on this bull had to be taken. He eventually fed to within 170 yards from us and James had a small window of opportunity and made the best of it, securing this great bull. Well done James

5 July 2017

Today we decided to pursue Gemsbuck we left early to travel to a different area. We spent the whole day stalking  but it was very difficult to get within 400 yards as the Gemsbuck seemed very alert today and the conditions were extremely tough, hot and dry.  After many failed attempts we finally made the most of it and James took a great bull with a one shot kill at 150 yards at last light.

6 July 2017

Hunted the elusive Bushbuck today. We headed to a concession and sat on the edge of an Alfalfa field. Two rams came out from the thicket at last light and a quick stalk was made along the edge of a river bank in thick brush. We managed to come out of the bush 100 yards from the chosen ram and James made a great shot to secure this great ram. Well done James.

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