Hunting Kudu

Cull Hunting Plains Game in South Africa

Dennie Hunted Plains Game with us last year with his wife and decided to return this year with his son.

18 May 2017

Shane managed to get his first African animal this morning, a cull Impala, after some great stalking and a great shot placement.
After lunch another stalk was made on a Warthog and Shane made yet another great shot to secure his second animal of the day.

Well done Shane! And what a way to start your Cull Hunting of Plains Game in South Africa!

19 May 2017

Another great day of stalking, Shane managed to harvest another Warthog and we came very close to getting a Kudu Bull with abnormal horns, but he just wouldn’t stand at a good angle for Shane to take a shot. We went out for a night Hunt, lamping as Shanes wife was after some Porcupine Quills for a decoration ornament in her house. We managed to get a Porcupine within the first ten minutes of lamping, varies other night critters were seen during the Hunt.

20 May 2017

We set off this morning after Springbuck; Shane managed to get 2 Springbuck ewes with some precision shooting. We then set out to see what else we could Cull and stumbled across a sleeping Warthog sow that Shane managed to harvest.

21 May 2017

Shane managed to take this very unique coloured 50” East Cape Bull, this morning. I don’t think one like this will ever be seen again. He has a very white almost grey-looking coat, from a pigmentation deficiency, which makes this guy a white ghost as opposed to a grey ghost!

The afternoon was spent at Addo Elephant Park, Elephants and various plains game were seen.

22 May 2017

Another great day of Cull Hunting Plains Game in South Africa! Shane managed to take a female Impala first thing in the morning and a Blue Wildebeest late in the afternoon. Some great shooting was done by Shane and some great stalks were made by all.

Well done Shane on a successful week of Cull Hunting Plains Game and we hope to see you in the near future.


This has been a hunt of a lifetime, everything has been first class. I shall return with my wife any chance I get.
Thank you



My wife Sherry and I hunted with Induna Safaris for the first time in April 2015. This has been a wonderful adventure with the best hunt safaris group (family) ever. We returned again in September 2016 and it just got better. Denise is a wonderful host; the children Kyan and Taigen are the very best hosts and backup PH’s in South Africa.

Sherry wanted a father-son hunt for my youngest son Shane. And so we were off. I told my son you will have 5 star accommodation, food and hunting.

Kelvin that runs the show on the hunting end is the very best. He knows when and where to go. He is calm and works well with his clients. My wife and I have all the trophies we can handle in our small house they all come from Induna Safaris.

Shane had the time of his life taking a very rare coloured 50” kudu to a large cull blue wildebeest and everything in between. He took a total of 10 animals during four days hunting.

We did my third, and Shane’s first of Kelvin’s guided trips to Addo. What a wonderful trip seeing a lion, many elephants and hundreds of other animals.

To sum it up- this is a class operation from Denise’s mom and dad to the children. If you hunt with Induna – All I can say is 5 stars.


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