Hunting Blue Wildebeest - Danish Couple

Couple on a South African Hunting Safari

Danish clients Thorbjorn and Tove return in 2018 for a South African Hunting Safari after hunting with us in 2015 and 2016.

9 February 2018

We collected Tove and Thorbjorn at the airport, after they enjoyed a few days in Cape Town. We headed straight out to the lodge, and even though it was drizzling on our arrival we went to the range to sight in the rifles, ready to start their South African Hunting Safari the next day. We spent the evening sitting on the porch catching up, like long lost friends- it was great to be with these great friends again.

10 February 2018

After breakfast we went straight out to look for Springbuck. We came across a nice looking Black Springbuck ram. We put in an exciting stalk that lasted about an hour, where Thorbjorn then made a good one shot kill. First animal was in the bag for the Hunting Safari, and a good addition to completing Thorbjorns Springbuck grand slam.

Driving off from here, we were on our way to look for some more springbuck, and Thorbjorn spotted a Copper Springbuck ram, that was about two miles away. We put in a good stalk yet again and Thorbjorn managed to get a magnificent Copper Springbuck trophy.

We then went back to the lodge to join Denise and Tove for a quick lunch.

Denise, Tove and the boys headed to the Daniell Cheetah project, to enjoy some time seeing and learning about some of South Africa’s big cats.

We were off in the bush again, looking for a Red Lechwe, we came across a group of about 30 in the mountains. We put a stalk in and Thorbjorn made a great frontal shot on the largest bull, which ended up being a gold medal trophy bull.

That evening we were pretty tired from a full and very enjoyable day Hunting.  After a good old South African braai (barbeque) we were off to bed early ready for another jam packed day of Hunting.

11 February 2018

Spent the morning looking for the last of Thorbjorn’s grand slam, the White Springbuck ( he shot a Cape Springbuck in the previous year at Induna Safaris). Thorbjorn harvested a beautiful White Springbuck trophy with very unique horns. He did some excellent shooting again, and demonstrated his stalking skills abilities yet again.

After another lunch at the lodge, we headed to the mountains again for a Klipspringer. We drove up to the top of the mountain on a worn out road, and then when we got there we walked a few hundred metres and we heard a Klipspringer whistling at us, that had seen us and we had not seen them. We got on the sticks, but we were unable to take the shot as we could only see the top the ram’s head.  Once the Klipspringer turned, THorbjorn was able to take the shot, but unfortunately the animal was standing on a cliff edge which we did not realise, and it fell about 50m + before coming to a stop. In the fall the Klipspringers horns broke off, we were able to find them both luckily! What an eventful hunt this was. However, luckily our talented taxidermist is able to repair this mishap, so this exciting hunt, will still deliver Thorbjorn with an excellent looking trophy.

12 February

The last day of hunting, early in the morning we were out looking for Blue Wildebeest, we came across an old bull just before lunch that Thorbjorn stalked and managed to do another great one shot kill at about 50 yards.

The afternoon was spent stalking White Blesbuck but unfortunately luck was not on our side.

Tove and Denise spent a wonderful day in Graaff Reinet, shopping and having a lazy lunch.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing our dear friends again, and again THorbjorn hunted like a champion making the most of his short time here, and being in the bush and in nature every minute that he could. What a pleasure it was having them visit, look forward to seeing them again soon.


In 2015, for the first time, we were Hunting in Africa. There are many places in play as to where our first Hunting trip would be. The choice fell on Induna Safaris, which was a smaller operator where I was able to go hunting one on one.
It would turn out to be a huge experience, where the hunt lived up to 100% of what I wanted. We never thought we would meet such amazing people where we became a small part of the family.

There was no doubt as to where we would be Hunting in 2017, Induna Safaris. Again this year it became a few wonderful days where first-class trophies were taken.

To you Kelvin, Thank you so much for your way of being on, always with a smile in the eye. A better hunting mate I could not imagine. I’m looking forward to Hunting Buffalo together.

Also thanks to Alton, a good friendly guy.

To you Denise, Thank you very much for your evergreen mood. Fantastic food and a big thank you to the kitchen staff. It was great to see you and Tove having fun together.

There should also be a big thank you to your lovely boys.

There is no doubt about where our next safari will be!

Tove and Thorbjorn

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