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Alaskan Hunters Hunt Africa

Father and son team (Bud and Jesse) from Alaska have joined Induna Safaris for an 8 day Safari to Hunt Africa!

Father and son team from Alaska have joined Induna Safaris for an 8 day Safari to Hunt Africa!

10 June 2017

After arriving at the Lodge, Bud and Jesse quickly freshened up and we headed straight out to the range to sight in the rifle, the father and son team would be using a 30 06 on this Hunt.

11 June 2017

We headed out after breakfast to see what was moving around. We spotted numerous Kudu and Impala, we decided to make a move on an excellent Kudu bull that was spotted across a valley, we ended up stalking in to close and the bull with 2 cows got wind of us and took off over the next valley. Whilst sitting in the sun discussing our failure a very nice Impala ram was spotted and we decided to put a stalk in, the stalk 3 hours and Jesse managed to make a great one shot kill to secure his first African animal. Well done Jesse!

12 June 2017

A great day was had by all in the field. Many animals were seen and two stalks were made, one on a Kudu Bull and the other on a Nyala Bull, both stalks were unsuccessful, on both occasions we were busted. Better luck tomorrow!

13 June 2017

Headed out this morning after Kudu, but again we were unsuccessful. We saw numerous Bulls but had no joy. After lunch we saw a lone Nyala Bull off in the distance and decided to put a stalk in. We stalk in to about 60 meters and when he turned right for a shot Jesse made a great shot to secure this great Nyala Bull. Well done Jesse.

14 June 2017

Excellent day in the veld today, Jesse managed to get his Kudu Bull! After a great stalk and a little wait for the Kudu to turn, Jesse made a great shot! The Bull didn’t go straight down so a couple of great follow up shots were made. This Bull has really lived his life to the full, as this Bull would not have made it till the end of the year as he was really old. A great trophy to harvest!
The afternoon was spent looking over a waterhole, Kudu and Waterbuck were seen but no shooters. On the way back to the vehicle some Warthogs were seen and Bud took a cull Warthog with a great one shot kill.

15 June 2017

Headed out after a Zebra for Bud. Bud is wanting a Zebra for a rug. After a 4 hour stalk and a one shot kill, Bud managed to get a beautiful Zebra stallion for his rug. The rest of the day was spent in the veld looking for cull animals.

16 June 2016

We headed 100 km North to one of our concessions. We headed North as Jesse was after a Gemsbuck, after a long stalk and a lot of crawling on our hands and knees, Jesse made a great shot to secure his excellent Gemsbuck Bull.

17 June 2017

Another great day of Hunting Africa! After one amazing stalk, following an Exceptional Kudu Bull through thick brush, Bud managed to make a free hand shot on the Bull as he was about to get away. The shot dropped the Bull but a follow up shot was required as the shot was a little high.
The afternoon was spent looking for Cull Warthog but to no avail.

18 June 2018

Spent the day walking through the Veld looking for Cull Warthogs, we came across a big sow late in the afternoon and after a great stalk, Jesse made an excellent shot to secure the Warthog. What another great day of Hunting Africa!

We would like to thank Bud and Jesse for choosing Induna Safaris for an 8 day Safari to Hunt Africa!
See you soon.


I had a great time; it really exceeded my expectations for Hunting in Africa. The animals on Kelvin’s land are truly exceptional and it is definitely real Hunting. We took some amazing animals, the accommodations were excellent and the food was wonderful. I’m already looking forward to coming back. P.S. I recommend everybody that visits Hunts Zebra, as it is Kelvin’s favourite and speciality.

Thanks for the great time, laughs and beautiful Trophies. See you next time in Alaska.

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