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African Hunting Safari

James has returned to Induna Safaris for his 2nd African Hunting Safari.

24th June 2018

James arrived early afternoon; we headed back to the lodge to unwind, and to freshen up after travelling.

25th June 2108

The morning was spent sighting in the rifles and glassing around, but due the fog not much visibility was available.

26th June 2018

We located several potential shootable Springbuck rams; we then identified a really good ram that stood out from the rest. We put in a stalk, and the ram disappeared over a small ridge and lay down. We then waited for the ram to stand up; at this point we saw that this ram had to be taken as he was such a phenomenal specimen. We managed to stalk to within 50- 75 yards and James made a great one-shot kill securing a once in a lifetime trophy Common Springbuck.

27th June 2018

We headed out to another area on the concession to look for a Black Springbuck ram. We viewed several, after returning to the initial starting point we identified a mature ram that was with a large group of females. We put in a stalk to get closer and the group ran off, we continued to stalk closer at which point the ram turned and started to walk away and offered a short window of opportunity for James to take this beautiful ram.

28th June 2018

This morning we went out to complete James’ Springbuck Grand Slam, as he managed to shoot a beautiful trophy Copper Springbuck in 2017. So today was all about the White Springbuck. After looking at numerous rams we identified the most mature animal in the area, after a few failed attempts to stalk within range, we moved down wind. We had to move quickly for James to lie prone and make another excellent slot, obtaining a good trophy White Springbuck. James has now completed his Springbuck grand slam. Congratulations James.

29th June 2018

Today we went to a concession in the Cockscomb Mountains, and during our search for a Red Lechwe, many other animals were sighted including giraffe, Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Warthog and Sable. After spending the morning glassing we identified a great trophy Red Lechwe Ram. We stalked within shooting distance but due to the uphill angle, James was not able to secure the ram with the first shot and a follow-up shot was necessary. We followed the bull for a short distance, where we then retrieved another outstanding trophy. Well done James!

30th June 2018

James was out to get a Steenbuck today.  Many Steenbuck were seen after spending the morning glassing, we identified a good ram in the distance.  We stalked to within 150 yards, and waited for the ram to stand up as he was bedded down. After about an hour and a half of waiting the ram stood up and we continued to watch him feed, we were waiting for him to move into a position where he could be taken. During that time, the female was alerted to our presence, at which point she ran to the right, and the male took off to the left. There was a brief moment of opportunity when he stopped at 200 yards and James managed to make yet another great one shot kill, harvesting a beautiful Steenbuck Trophy, that James has decided to have a full mounted.

The afternoon was spent looking for Duiker with no luck.

1st July 2018

This morning we headed out to another mountainous area of our hunting concession to look for Mountain Reedbuck. After hiking up a very steep ridge we spotted a Mountain Reedbuck ram and several females on a steep ridge, after climbing up to within shooting distance we realized that they had fled due to swirling gale force winds. We then hiked to the top of the mountain which took about an hour of vertical climbing, where we traversed across the top of the mountain into the wind, the brush was very thick, making it difficult to spot any animals. We continued across the top of the mountain for about 9 kilometers at which point we spotted another group of Reedbuck feeding in the distance. We stalked along towards them for several miles, but due to the height of the brush it was very difficult to keep them in sight. As we continued to stalk, we finally were able to spot the Reedbuck ram in an open patch, which was at the end of the concession, there was a brief chance to take a shot, as the ram was walking away. However James managed to take an excellent shot at 250 yards, bagging another spectacular specimen! He got at a truly magnificent Mountain Reedbuck ram.

While descending back down the mountain again, we spotted a large Duiker feeding at about 175 yards, James managed to steady himself for the shot, and managed to shoot the Duiker in a one shot kill. Very surprisingly when we got to the trophy we found that the Duiker was in fact a female with horns! This made for quite a unique African experience.

James and I were exhausted from the whole day of hiking the grueling mountainous terrain. However whilst on the drive back to the lodge, we spotted a Red Hartebeest Bull, which was an exceptional trophy, James stopped us driving and was keen to put in another stalk. We stalked to within 100 yards and James made yet another great shot acquiring another brilliant African Trophy!

What a good day we had! That was a day of challenges, and great success, a really memorable day hunting!

2nd July 2018

Due to the bad weather today, gale force winds, and low temperatures, we went through to Port Elizabeth where James had a meeting with the taxidermist, and we had a good lunch and did some sights of Port Elizabeth.

3rd July 2018

We went out to look for a Duiker ram; we spotted numerous animals feeding within the area. At least 10 Duiker rams were seen after closely viewing them we located a very good ram we began a stalk to within shooting distance of the ram, who was moving to our right, when we lost sight of him. After a considerable wait he moved to an open area to our left, at which point James was able to take another brilliant shot at 225 yards, where we were able to harvest this good trophy ram.

On our way home we saw a large flock of Guinea fowl and James began a stalk and was able to shoot a beautiful Guinea fowl at 75 yards with a 22 caliber rifle. James is very happy with his Guinea fowl and he is looking forward to this beautiful mount.

4th July 2018

Took today off as a rest day and spent time relaxing around the Lodge.

5th July 2018

Today we left early to go hunt on a concession in the Swartberg  Mountains. We glassed from several high points throughout the area, we were able to locate several groups of Vaal Rhebuck feeding and resting in the distance. We attempted numerous stalks up this steep and mountainous terrain throughout the day, but luck was not on our side, and we were not able to get within 600m of the animals.

6th July 2018

Another early start, as we headed back to see if we could get within shooting range of the Vaal Reedbuck. When we arrived we noticed a small group of Vaal Rhebuck led by a large ram, feeding and laying down several kilometers away. We decided to, due to the windy conditions, move further down wind of the group. To enable us to stalk within shooting distance of the ram. We stalked up a rocky ridge to conceal our presence, once we reached the top of the hill; we were able to locate the group, immediately the female and younger animals ran to a distance of 400m. The male stopped briefly to offer a frontal shot at 350 yards, James was able to make a shot, a second shot was needed at a further distance to take one of the most challenging African Trophies.

7th July 2018

Today we had another restful day. We went to Port Elizabeth, visited Kragga Kamma game park, to take some good photos. James wanted to rest after a busy two weeks of hunting. He had a very successful and enjoyable hunt; James did exceptionally well, and demonstrated his phenomenal shooting and hunting ability. It was truly a pleasure hunting with James and we hope to see him again soon.


My second trip to Induna Safaris in Africa. What an adventure I had, I was able to successfully hunt several very difficult species. We trekked for miles through very steep, difficult terrain, in mountainous areas; several of the animals were once in a lifetime Trophies and were very large mature Trophies. The quality of the food, accommodation and hospitality was excellent. Additionally, the willingness to adapt to ever-changing weather and hunting terrain, along with the work ethic to reach some very difficult animals to hunt in remote areas was appreciated. I will be back again to pursue several other species soon. I would not consider another hunting outfitter as the all-around experience cannot be beaten.

James – Canada

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