Induna Safaris are enjoying having Tom Wigginton and Brian Boyd on a African Hunt safari with us. They are here from Monticello Utah. They are both very eager to get themselves a monster “Grey Ghost”, the kudu bull. We are very privileged to have Tom return to hunt with us again, and he has returned to get himself a massive kudu bull.

17th August – Today Brian was able to shoot himself a fantastic White Springbuck ram. It was a very successful hunt, and the ram is an outstanding trophy. We are thrilled that he has been able to bag such an amazing animal to start his African collection.

18th August – Brian managed to shoot himself a great Impala ram, which he managed to get after a very pateint wait. They waited for a group of Impala rams to come out of the Acatia bush ,for approximately 3 hours, and luckily he did not get away, Brian managed to execute an excellent shot at approximately 250 yards. Well done Brian! Tom then spent the afternoon looking for his monster Kudu, they managed to put a good stalk on four kudu bulls, but they unfortunately got away.

19th August -Everybody spent a long day hunting kudu. Brian got an opportunity to take a shot on a kudu bull, but unfotunately he missed, so the kudu escaped Brian for another day. Tom also got an opportunity to take a shot on a massive kudu bull, the shot was taken 250m from the kudu, but the bull was wounded. Everybody searched and tracked the bull until dark. They then had to call it a day.

20th August – Everyone got up especially early to search for Tom’s wounded kudu, which was found at 9 am. It turned out to be a really spectatular kudu, just over 50 inch’s. Needless to say Tom is not only very relieved but thrilled that he found the kudu, and that it is such a great trophy.

21st August – Today was a day off. Everyone went for an elephant back safari. It was a different experience, but they are all walking stiffly after the elephant ride. They then went to Addo Elephant Park for a game drive, and saw a lot of elephants, kudu’s and a rhino.

22nd August – Today was a very successful day of hunting. It started out very foggy and wet, and everyone thought that the day was going to be a right off. However by midmorning it had cleared up nicely. Tom shot a great White Springbuck ram at about 75 yards. And Brian managed to get his long awaited Kudu bull. At about 17h30 this afternoon, he managed to execute an excellent shot, on the kudu bull.

23rd August – The weather was not ideal for hunting so the group decided to take the day off from hunting and do some sightseeing. They visited Daniel Cheetah breeding to play with the cheetahs and lion cubs and then it was off to Port Elizabeth to visit a taxidermy.

24th August – It was there last day of hunting so Brian decided to make the most of it by hunting a nice Black Springbuck in the karoo and then it was back to the ranch for him to make a great shot on an outstanding Blue Wildebeest. Thanks to the guys for hunting with Induna Safaris and we hope to see you soon in the future.