20 September 2012

We are very pleased that Trish joined us for a hunting safari, she is from Pennsylvania, and she is an avid hunter in the US. After her arrival she went out to set in the rifles, and then to have a look around, to give Trish an idea of the terrain and the feel for the bush around Induna Safaris.

21 September2012

Trish went out with Kelvin to get a Kudu bull trophy. They came across two bulls and some females at about 10 am. The bull that they had put their sights on decided to lie down, so had to wait over an hour for him to get up. He then stood up broadside, and Trish made a great shot. He then turned 180 degrees, and Trish took another shot. He stood there for awhile (which felt like an eternity), and then he lay down. Another stalk was put in to finish the bull off but he got up and ran. After following him for some distance he decided to lay down again. They waited for about 45 minutes, and were just about to take another shot when he suddenly bolted out of the bush. Trish was unbelievable – as soon as the kudu bolted, Trish took another phenomenal shot, and that brought this old kudu to the ground. He is truly an amazing specimen of a kudu bull. Trish can be very proud, she managed to get herself such an amazing trophy, and it was quite a challenging and exciting hunt. Well done Trish!

22 September 2012

We woke up to a wet morning. So everyone took their time in getting going. By mid-morning it had cleared nicely, and so they went out to look for some Impala females. By lunch time Trish had bagged herself a female Impala, by taking another excellent shot. After lunch at the lodge, they went out again for another female Impala, and lo and behold, “great shot Trish” , came back with another impala!

23 September 2012

They went out this morning to look for some cull animals to hunt, but had no luck as the animals kept winding them. In the afternoon Trish made a excellent shot on an Old Impala ewe, the ewe dropped in its tracks. Well done trish.

24 September 2012

Spent the morning looking for a specific Impala ram Trish saw a couple of days ago. The afternoon was also spent on this ram and a stalk was made just before dark but the ram got away. It was still a good day that was had by all.

25 September 2012

Trish leaves Induna safaris today and we are sorry to see her go.