Tom has returned for his 10th Safaris with us and has decided on this Hunt to do a combination Hunt, for a Trophy Bushpig and Management Hunt, in Africa.

Tom arrived on the 14 April and will be staying with us until the 27 April. Tom’s main goal on this Hunt will be to take a Bushpig, no easy quarry! As I had the Bushpigs coming into the bait and the 15th would be a nice clear night we decided to head out early and get ready for the Bushpig. Tom would be  using one of our rifles, on the occasion a 30.06.
The Bushpigs came in as planned and once we had the boar selected Tom lined up the cross hairs and squeezed off the shot, but to out disbelief Tom had shot Low. After analysing the situation it was discovered that it was the bifocals on his glasses that had played the role in shooting low. Now we knew for next time!

We all knew the problem now was to get the boar back to the bait!

We decided to take the day off and visit Addo Elephant Park. We saw Elephants, Cape Buffalo and various other plains game.

We decided to carry on with the Management side of Tom’s Hunt. During the days to come some great stalks and shots were made by Tom to secure numerous Management Hunt animals. Tom managed to harvest Warthog, Kudu, Impala and Porcupine.

Tom also took some time out for a couple of nights at our condo on the coast in Plettenburg bay ( playing golf and seeing the local sights

After checking the bait and sitting out a few nights for the Bushpig we eventually had an opportunity at the boar again. He had not been seen on the trail camera leading up to the night of the 25th, second from last night of Tom’s stay with us at Induna Safaris.
The boar we were after came in at about 8pm and we decided to leave him for a few minutes as to let him settle in nicely. Tom then took his time lining up the cross hairs and squeezed off the shot, the Bushpig dropped on the spot. All the hard work had paid off, he was one old monster of a boar, after pictures we headed back to the lodge. Well done Tom!

Today would be Tom’s last day of Hunting Management animals in Africa! Tom managed to bag two Impalas after some great stalking.

We really enjoyed having you with us Tom and I’m certain it won’t be your last!


Another Safari with Induna, my tenth, super, super great time was had. Side trip to Goose Valley was fantastic. Bird sanctuary in Plettenburg bay is a must see. Don’t miss it! The hunting was great, finally got Bushpig, a really nice one. I’m finally getting to know every pebble and path. Denise is a super host. Greatest place on earth, I’ll be back.