Tim and Israel are Hunting Plains Game in South Africa with Induna Safaris.

Tim and Israel have found some time to join us for a day and a half during their busy schedule in South Africa. They have chosen to Hunt Impala and Blesbuck whilst with us due to the time constraints. We made some awesome stalks with both Tim and Israel making one shot kills. Tim managed to get and Impala ram and missed a Blesbuck due to a hurried shot as the Blesbuck had seen us. Israel managed to get an Impala ram and an excellent Blesbuck and also found the time to cull to young Impala’s for camp meat.
Well done guys and we hope to see you again soon.


I had a wonderful time and blessed time during my hunt and stay. Very clean and professional staff. just a wonderful atmosphere. God willing, I plan to return with my wife. As a minister of the gospel I can say “I was truly blessed’
Thanks you Kelvin


Wonderful time here, Quiet and peaceful. Kelvin, Alton and all the staff were AMAZING.