20 October 2011- Lynn and Teresa decided to have a late start due to their late arrival last night. So they headed out about 8am to first set in the rifles and then to head out to see what they can see. We saw a variety of game and then we came across a nice Kudu bull, that was too good an opportunity to miss, so we put in a stalk. Teresa fired a shot from about 140 yards, and hit him hard, but he kept going. So now the chase was on, and after about three hours we managed to take him down. Well done to Teresa for shooting such a great kudu bull, and being the first lady to shoot a kudu at Induna Safaris! Celebrations are in order. What a good start to the Stinson Safari.

21 October 2011 – Another brilliant day, of hunting. We headed out early and decided to go get a Black Wildebeest. But on the way we came across a really great White Springbuck that Lynn shot. It really is a magnificient trophy. Then Teresa managed to take an excellent shot on a Black Wildebeest, that is going to make a beautiful trophy! Both Stinsons can be very proud of a good day hunting!

22 October 2011 – Another great day was spent in the bush! We spent the morning and half of the afternoon persuing Springbuck and looking for Gemsbuck. Late in the afternoon we spotted a Nyala coming out of the thick bush on its way to water. We put a stalk on and Lynn made yet another great shot and the Nyala only went about 25 yards. It is a really great specimen and Lynn has decided to do a full body mount, which it really does deserve.

23 October 2011 – Another great day was had by all. We went out looking for Waterbuck and managed to see 9 young bulls but nothing big enough. Whilst looking we came across a group of Impala rams and we decided to take one. Teresa made yet another brilliant down hill shot at 160 yards and the Impala droped in his tracks. We went out in the afternoon for Waterbuck but not much was seen as the wind was blowing and it had a cold chill in it.

24 October 2011 – Lynn had a good day hunting today, taking not one but two excellent Springbuck trophy rams. Lynn managed to get himslf a Common Springbuck and a Copper Springbuck. As he has already harvested a White Springbuck on this hunt, he is going to try and get a Black Springbuck tomorrow.

25 October 2011 – Congratulations goes out to Lynn for completing the Springbuck grand slam! Lynn managed to shoot a nice Black Springbuck ram this morning, adding to his collection of Common, White and Copper Springbuck. Again well done Lynn! Click on the images on the right to see an enlargement of Lynn’s Springbuck, grand slam. In the afternoon we spotted a nice Waterbuck and put the stalk on, but he managed to give us the slip. Tomorrow is another day! Lynn managed to hunt a very nice Cape Grysbuck and Porcupine in the evening drive.

26 October 2011 – We headed out looking for a Waterbuck and mangaed to spot one in the distance, we put the stalk on only for him to lie down under a tree that was obscuring him. We waited for 2 hours in the sun but never managed a shot. We did catch up with him a bit later and Teresa made a brilliant face on shot at an excellent Waterbuck Bull. Lynn managed to also get a nice Steenbuck in the afternoon. Later in the afternoon we spotted a Jackel and decided to put a stalk on for it but on the way we spotted a very nice Gemsbuck and again Teresa put a well placed shot on him.

27 October 2011 – After spotting a Blesbuck with a broken leg during the week, we decided to go and put him out of his misery, so we put the stalk on early this morning and Lynn bagged himself another nice trophy.
We spent the mid morning and early afternoon at Daniell Cheetah breeding playing we the Cheetahs and Lion cubs. In the evening we went looking for Grey Duiker and Lynnn got a excellent trophy. Well done Lynn.

The Stinsons Safari has unfortunitly come to an end, but a great time was had by all, they took some very nice trophy’s. Thanks again for hunting with Induna Safari’s.