Thorbjoirn and Tove Risgaard from Denmark have joined Induna Hunting Safaris for their first African Hunting Safari. They have decided to brave the African heat, and do a hunting safari in the height of summer.

7 February 2015

Thorbjoirn and Tove arrived today from a week’s holiday in Cape Town, to do their African Hunting Safaris with Induna Hunting Safaris. They arrived in the heat of the day, and after a quick lunch and a few cold drinks on the porch they headed to sight in their rifles and to do some scouting. Which was quite successful, as they saw a variety of animals, Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest, plenty of Kudu, and some large herds of Impala.

8 February 2015

After a quick breakfast, we went out to look for an Impala ram. However the heat crept up on us very quickly and before long we had to return to the Lodge.

Due to the heat we only went out Hunting late in the afternoon. After about two hours of scouting we found a bachelor group of about 12 Impala rams. One was selected and after a long stalk Thorbjoin got his first African Plains Game, a very nice Impala ram.

9 February 2015

We decided to head out early to avoid the heat, but there was a thick fog in the air so we made our way to the top of a mountain to wait for it to clear and this would give us a good view point. When it did eventually clear we spotted a group of about 10 Kudu bulls and decided to make a move. We put in a good stalk and had to wait for the right Kudu bull to step out for Thorbjoin to make a very good one shot kill to get his prized Kudu. Well done Thorbjoin.

Springbuck was on the cards for the afternoon! We headed out to the area of the property where the Springbuck like to hang out, which takes about 45 minutes. We saw a lot of Springbuck and decided to put a stalk in on a group of rams. They decided to split up and we pursued the group with the Springbuck ram in it that we wanted. Thorbjoin managed to put a shot in but missed and the Springbuck gave him a second shot and this time the ram was down. What a magnificent ram he is!

10 February 2015

Thorbjoin decided he would like to harvest a Gemsbuck today after seeing some yesterday whilst hunting his Cape Springbuck. After spending most of the day sliding on our bums to get into position to take the Gemsbuck he wanted, he made a shot that was a little far back and so further stalks were required to eventually down the wounded Gemsbuck. What a beautiful trophy Gemsbuck, coming in at 40 inches!

11 February 2015

Only this morning left for hunting before we have to head for the Airport. Thorbjoin decided he would like to take either a Duiker or Steenbuck. After putting in multiple stalks, Thorbjoin managed to take a magnificent Duiker ram.

Well done to Thorbjoin on the success of his first African Hunting Safari! Some realy nice trophies were taken! We hope to see Thorbjoin and his wife in the near future!