The Resgaad’s have returned to Induna Safaris to Hunt Africa again! Thorbjorn and Tove were with us last February and much to our delight have decided to do a repeat of last year, and to Hunt Africa once more. We are hoping that this will become an annual event!

16 February 2016

We headed out early this morning in search of a Waterbuck bull, as this was was no 1 on Thorbjørn’s list. We were probably about two kilometres from the lodge when we decided to start glassing. From this point we spotted 5 bulls and after glassing them for about an hour and a half, we decided that one definitely deserved a closer look. We drove to get into a high position and have the wind coming into our faces. Whilst stalking in closer to our chosen bull another was spotted but the decision was made to keep going after our originally selected bull. We got to within 100 meters of the bull and once he stepped out from behind a bush to reveal his horns we knew he was the one, so Thorbjørn quickly got on the sticks and made an excellent one shot kill to bag himself a gold medal waterbuck bull. Well done Thorbjørn.

The afternoon was spent glassing over a valley for a Steenbuck ram. No luck was had with the Steenbuck but Thorbjon made a great shot at twenty yards on a cull warthog which was walking in our direction, whilst we were glassing.

17 February 2016

The day started wet. When the rain had eased up we headed out in search of Nyala and after glassing in a couple of valleys and walking through the bush for aways,a great bull was spotted and we stalked in to about 100 meters and Thorbjon made an excellent one shot kill to claim this magnificent Nyala.

After lunch we went out in search of a Bushbuck ram, although we did see one ram nothing was harvested. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

18 February 2016

Hunt Africa!! What a day of Hunting! Whilst out looking for a Steenbuck, we spotted a Bushbuck at 07:30 on a hill about a kilometre away feeding. Due to the wind and his positioning there was no way we were going to be able to put a stalk in on him, so we waited to see in which direction he would feed. After about two hours the Bushbuck ram decided to lie down under a bush for the rest of the day. The only option we had was to wait until he got up and started feeding again. He eventually did get up and start feeding again six hours later. We watched to see in which direction he would feed and the stalk was on. We saw the Bushbuck numerous times at about 25 meters but could not get a shot on him. At about 18:45 a Warthog alerted him of our presence and he decided to make a dash for it but Thorbjørn was quick to squeeze off a shot to get his excellent Bushbuck trophy ram. Well done Thorbjørn. What a way to Hunt Africa!

19 February 2016

As it was Thorbjørn’s last morning of hunting, the chase was on for a Steenbuck. We spotted a few Steenbuck females but no rams that were mature enough. Due to the heat everything seemed to go into hiding and we headed back to the Lodge. Whilst unwinding and discussing the morning’s events from the porch, a Steenbuck ram were spotted lying under a bush, 200 meters away. The stalk was on and Thorbjørn managed to bag his last trophy of his 2016 Hunt in Africa, an excellent Steenbuck ram.

Thank you to Thorbjørn and Tove for hunting with Induna Safaris again. We really enjoyed the time spent with you, the great chats, and Thorbjorn that Bushbuck hunt is one I will never forget. Look forward to seeing you again.