The Springfield’s from Texas in Africa Hunting Plains Game with Induna Safaris.

23 May 2016

The Springfield family from Texas has arrived in Africa! Father/uncle Jimmy along with his son Travis, and nephews Little Jerris and Donny boy are here for their first African hunting safari.

After arriving at the lodge and once the Springfields had settled in we headed out to the range to do some final checks on the rifles. All good!

24 May 2016

A great day in the field was had by the Springfields! Hunting Plains Game !

Jimmy took a great Waterbuck at 80 yards after a 4 hour stalk, a well deserved trophy.

With only 2 hours of light left we headed out to see what we could find for Travis, we managed to get onto an Impala ram but he got wind of us and took off.

Little Jerris had a great day out in the field and managed to bag himself a great Gemsbuck bull. After numerous stalks he made a brilliant one shot kill at about 60 yards. Well done Little Jerris.

Donny Boy managed to bag a great thick neck dark Kudu bull at last light. 120 yard shot and the Bull dropped on the spot. Well done on a great Trophy.

25 May 2016

No luck in the field today for Little Jerris and Donny Boy but lots was seen.

Jimmy and Travis both managed to get excellent Impala Rams today, some excellent stalks and shots were made. Well done guys.

26 May 2016

No luck in the field today for Jimmy and Little Jerris.

Donny boy managed to take an outstanding Impala ram at 60 yards and dropped him on the spot.

Travis managed to make a solid shot on a Kudu bull but unfortunatley it took off and we lost light so we will have to follow it up in the morning.

27 May 2016

Travis’s Kudu was found dead not far from the last place we saw it at last light. Well done Travis on a great Kudu.

Donny boy managed to take a great Blue Wildebeest today, he made a great 125 yard one shot kill.

Little Jerris got himself a great Impala today after numerous stalks and lots of hiking.

Jimmy managed to get a great Kudu after making a 200 yard shot after a great stalk. Well done Jimmy.

28 May 2016

No luck in the field for Jimmy today but he certainly enjoyed being out in the bush. This man really loves the outdoors.

Travis managed to bag a great Blue Wildebeest after a great stalk. Travis also stalked and harvested a young Impala for camp meat as requested by the kitchen staff.

Jerris harvested a great long main, after an excellent shot. This Kudu will definitely take centre spot in his house.

Donny Boy shot a cull warthog with one shot after a great stalk.

29 May 2016

No luck for Donny Boy today but he still had fun being in the outdoors.

Jimmy managed to get an excellent Nyala at last light with a great shot. This animal was one of the ones on the top of his list and he was ecstatic.

Travis shot a great Gemsbuck and some tracking was required but he managed to get his bull after 7 miles of hiking. Well done Travis

Jerris managed to get an excellent Blue Wildebeest bull at first light, literally a couple of hundred meters from the camp.

30 May 2016

Jimmy had another excellent day Hunting Plains Game, getting his last animal on his wish list a great Gemsbuck after numerous stalks.

Donny Boy also bagged himself a great Gemsbuck after taking a long shot.

Well done to all of you and I have no doubt that we will meet again, whether it be on this side of the ocean Hunting Plains Game or on that side.
Take care



This was a trip of a lifetime! Induna Safaris absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way! Thank you Kelvin and Denise for memories I will never forget!
Jerris Springfield

What a fantastic time we had! As good as the hunting was, and it was great! The hospitality was even better!
Thank you! Hook Em
Jimmy Springfield

Thank you Kelvin and Denise for a great week! Great animals and even better people. This has been the trip of a lifetime for us and we will never forget. Thank you.
Travis Springfield

The absolute best hunting experience of my life. Enjoyed every second. Felt like a home away from home. I would recommend to anybody who asks. Would love to bring my wife and children back. Thank you.
Donny Springfield