28 July 2015

Frank and Terry and their children Trey, Hayley and Ryan with her husband Cody arrived at Induna Safaris for a Plains Game Hunting Safari today after a long flight, everyone was very excited to finally arrive at the lodge. After some scones and sandwiches everone headed out to site in their rifles.

29 July 2015

Today Ryan and Cody went out with Donovan to see if they can get an Impala. After a good day of stalking and being out and about in the bush and scouting plenty of animals, the Impalas managed to elude them for the day.

Kelvin, Trey and Frank went to look around and see what was about, they stalked a Black Wildebeest and Trey managed to get into about 140 yards, he got into a sitting position, where he made a brilliant one shot kill- the first kill of the hunt, and Trey’s first African animal.

In the afternoon all the ladies went to see some of the cats at Daniell Cheetah Breeding, they had a wonderful day seeing alll the wild cats.

30 July 2015

Today was a very successful day of Plains Game Hunting. It started with a beautiful Impala ram, that Cody managed to take with an excellent shot. A few spotted in a group, the rams were mature but not good shooters. They came across another group, and then once they got in range they got their wind and spooked them, they ran down the valley, and so they back tracked up the valley, to spot the group again, and they went down the valley, and after stalking them Cody had to wait about 20 minutes to get a good shot. Cody took an excellent shot dropping him at 120 yards. Cody’s first African animal.

After lunch they went out to look for a Nyala for Ryan. And while glassing around they spotted a ewe with a bull, that was a magnificient trophy. Ryan put in a good stalk and got to within in about 80 yards, where she took took an excellent shot, bagging an exceptional trophy Nyala. A brilliant first African animal.

Today Trey managed to take an excellent shot at a warthog, anoother good day for Trey. After spotting a group of Gemsbuck they put in a good stalk, doing some belly crawling, getting to about 198 yards, and they spooked and ran off. So they headed around the hill, and stalked into about 170 yards, where Frank made a excellent shot bagging himself a 43 inch Gemsbuck.

31 July 2015

In the morning Kelvin, Trey and Frank went out and Trey shot a nice Impala ram. They did a stalk for about a mile, to avoid the other animals, he did an uphill shot, dropping the Impala at about 140 yards. The afternoon was spent looking for the grey ghost (kudu), but he managed to elude them for another day.

Donovan, Ryan and Cody, went to look for a kudu, and managed to put in a stalk on a kudu bull, but after a long time of waiting for him to get into position, the kudu bull took off and he managed to get away.

Denise, Hayley and Terry had a wonderful day relaxing and being pampered at a local spa.

Another good day, was had by all.

1 August 2015

In the morning Kelvin, Cody and Frank decided that today was the day for a kudu. They stalked a kudu bull, and were debating whether to take it, but then they saw another group of  kudu up on a hill, and saw that one of the bulls was a great specimen. So they put in a stalk, and Frank made a brilliant 248 yard shot, getting himself a magnificient kudu bull.

In the afternoon Cody got a great Blue Wildebeest. Straight after lunch back at the lodge, they went out various groups were seen throughout the afternoon, quite late in the afternoon they spotted a good bull, and they put a stalk in up to 114 yards, where Cody took an excellent dropping shot, getting himself a beautiful Blue Wildebeest trophy.

Denise, Terry, Hayley, Ryan, and Trey went to do some awesome Elephant back riding. Everyone had a wonderful time and said that it was an unbelievably memorable experience.

2 August 2015

Another great day in the field! Ryan managed to get a great Waterbuck bull after a 3 hour stalk and taking it at 80 yards with a one shot kill. Cody spent the day stalking Zebra from first thing this morning and managed to harvest one late in the afternoon. Well done guys!

3 August 2015

Today was Ryan managed to get a beautiful White Springbuck in the morning and in the afternoon a great Kudu. Whilst sitting on a hill having lunch we spotted some kudu bulls grazing about 3 kilometres away on an adjacent hill and the decision was taken to stalk in and take a look to see if a trophy was present. We managed to stalk in to about 120 yards and at first we could only see 2 young bulls but eventually a Trophy stepped out into a clearing and Ryan made an excellent shot to get her Trophy Kudu bull. Well done Ryan!
Trey managed to take a big Zebra with an excellent shot after some stalking, a much sort after rug that his mother wanted.

4 August 2015

The Dales spent the day at Addo Elephant Park, viewing various game in South Africa’s 3rd largest reserve. Various Elephants were spotted.

5 August 2015

Today was Frank’s turn to do some hunting after spending the last few days watching his kids hunt. We drove north to one of our Springbuck concessions. Frank was after a Black Springbuck and Common Springbuck. After harvesting a beautiful Black Springbuck with a one shot kill the hunt was on for a Common and after some stalking a Common was taken with a one shot kill at 240 yards. Well done Frank!

6 August 2015

Today the Dale’s took some time off and spent the day relaxing around the Lodge and enjoying the great weather before the flight home tommorow.

7 August 2015

We would like to thank Frank and his family for choosing Induna Safaris for their Plains Game Hunting Safari and we hope to see them in the near future. Take care guys!


A huge family vacation, a trip of a lifetime for us all, 4 hunters, 2 non hunters and all had a fabulous time. Kelvin and Donovan and the boys helped us 110% fill a 14 animal list! Everybody got their special quest and several record trophies. Mrs D was the exceptional host setting up day trips every day for the girls, they had so much fun with her, the food, the atmosphere, the service was all just over the top. In just a few days we felt like friends visiting rather than clients. We all really appreciated the open atmosphere. Thanks so much for making this entire trip so special. We can’t wait till we come back. Franks Dale and Family

Came here expecting it to be a once in a lifetime trip, but leaving with a plan to return. We cannot decide which was more fun, riding around with Kelvin/Donovan and the guys, or the thrill of chasing trophy animals. Too many animals seen to be able to count or to record here, and thousands of memories and pictures to carry home. Also came expecting to be amazed by the experience, but amazed cannot begin to describe it. Denise and the staff did a phenomenal job of taking care of us, and filling our stomachs with world class food every day. Words cannot express how incredible the trip has been, and we will be back, not just for the hunting, but to visit this amazing place and see our new friends. Cody and Ryan Carson