16 July 2012

The Stinson’s arrived on Friday the 13th after a long and exhausting flight, only to be greeted by one of the coldest and wettest spells the Eastern Cape has seen in a long time. This was quite disconcerting for the family from sunny California. But we made the most of the weather and spent sometime around the indoor fire, and at least they all had a chance to get some rest. A few attempts were made to go out and do some hunitng in between the rains, but in the end the weather got the better of us, and we called it a day.

Today was the first day that we were able to “make a bang” as Lynn puts it. He managed to shoot a truly beautiful White Blesbuck. Lynn and Flippie ( his PH) have gone to our Gariep dam concession for a few days to get some really exotic species. I went out with the girls, and we spent most of the day, watching a great Kudu Bull, waiting for him to make his move, as he was bedded down, but he got away in the end. Later in the afternoon, we spotted a group of about 5 Impala rams, and after watching them we decided on which one to get, Becca then made a beautiful down hill shot, which dropped the Impala right in its tracks. Nice one Becca, good shot, and a great start to your first African Safari.

17 July 2012

What a great day was had hunting by all! It started off with Teresa shooting a trophy White Springbuck at 230 yards, it was an outstanding shot, Teresa is starting to reclaim her name as ” One Shot Stinson!!!” Beautiful shot, beautiful animal. We then went out for a Zebra, Teresa chose a really exequisite Zebra, that we stalked and she again took with a great one shot kill. Previously while stalking the White Springbuck we spotted a trophy Black Wildebeest that Becca wanted to go back and get. Becca then shot the Black Wildebeest with a perfectly placed shot. Three great trophies today taken by the Stinson girls! What a good day.

Via the bush telegraph we have been informed that Mr Stinson has had just as a successful day hunting! He shot a Roan, and a Livingstone Eland in the morning. After quite a bit of stalking he managed to shoot an impressive Tsessebe that had eluded them for most of the afternoon. Pictures will follow. Looking forward to hearing all about the hunts from the horses mouth!

18 July 2012

Lynn and Flippy returned from their mountain expeditions, they did attempt to shoot a Mountain Reedbuck, but due to the snow in the area they did not even make it up to where they needed to go. So they headed back home earlier than planned, and with Lynn all fired up decided to go out for the Red Hartebeest that Teresa went to look for on the first day. And Lo and behold they came back with an absolutley spectacular Red Hartebeest.

The girls each got a lovely Common Springbuck, Teresa got a great trophy, and Becca shot one for Denise to cook us some delicious steaks. Happy Birthday Madiba!!!

19 July 2012

Lynn and Flippie headed out onto the mountains in search of a Klipspringer, after quite a climb, they managed to get one. Lynn took a good downhill shot on him, and it is an exceptional trophy Klipspringer.

Becca shot an out of this world Blue Wildebeest, they made him work for the kill though. The girls ended up chasing this monster up and down the hills, and eventually becca took an excellent shot. He was a real monster, they can be really proud!

20 July 2012

Again a grand slam of a day for Lynn, he shot a Mountain Reedbuck, Common Reedbuck and a Bontebok! What a day of hunting!

Teresa went out and got a beautiful Ostrich that she really wanted. He was quite flighty, but eventually Teresa got the better of him, and is taking home a stunning Ostrich for a full mount.

21 July 2012

Lynn and Flippie spent the day doing some Impala culling, which went very well as they had the time to “kill”

The girls and Kelvin headed out for a Black Springbuck. A nice ram was spotted and then Teresa managed to make a long shot on the ram, and what a nice ram he is. They headed back to the lodge and went looking for a Kudu for Becca’s, but again had no luck in getting close enough to the Bull that had been spotted.

22 July 2012

Wonderful, Becca managed to shoot her monster Kudu bull by 8 o’clock in the morning. It was an exciting day, and she took an absolutley brilliant shot. They followed one for awhile, which then actually joined another group of bulls, and in that group there was a better one. So they changed their tactics and put a stalk on the bigger kudu, and then she managed to really take an excellent shot, on an excellent trophy. Well done Becca! Becca has been dreaming about her Kudu for a few nights, and so now finally she could get a good nights sleep, after defeating “the grey ghost”

Everyone had an early dinner and went out for an evening drive to have a look arond. It was rather cold, but a lot of fun and laughs was had by all. Teresa also managed to shoot a lovely Steenbuck, another great trophy to add to her collection.

23 July 2012

Flippie and Lynn went to a ranch near the coast for a Bushbuck. Again a very successful day for Lynn, a beautiful Bushbuck ram was shot.

Kelvin and the girls had a very tough day hunting Copper Springbuck. They headed out early to get the Copper, but this animal made them work for it. They chased the chosen ram for the majority of the day, and eventually Teresa managed to get him at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. He was very skittish and just kept running all day. But after a long and tiring day, she got the better of him.

24 July 2012

The girls took the last day off from hunting and had some fun at the Cheetah farm, where they played with the cheetahs, and lion cubs.

Lynn was off again in search of another rare animal, but yet again, he managed to come home with trophy Vaal Reedbuck, it was a very exciting hunt, and Lynn took an incredibly long shot, and managed to shoot a beautiful trophy.

25 July 2012

We are very sad to say good bye to the Stinson’s. Again we have had an amazing time hunting with them, and having them in our home. What a wonderful family; they are so full of life, and laughs, and just love the outdoors. They enjoyed and appreciated the African hunting experience with such enthusiasism, what a pleasure it has been. We really do hope that we are lucky enough to have them return, as they will always be welcomed with open arms. True friends made yet again.