Steve has returned to Induna Hunting Safaris this week to Hunt a Sable Bull!

22 April – 29 April 2016

I had been informed of a huge Sable Bull running on a concession a couple of hours away and due to the poaching the owner wanted it hunted. The land owner informed me that the Bull should be close to 45 inches in length, so I was straight on the phone to Steve and told him about the bull and that it was the one we had been waiting for. Due to this Sable Bull being a once in a life time opportunity, Steve accepted and the preparations were on for the Hunt. Steve was also keen to do some management Hunts whilst he was here.

Steve eventually arrived and the date for the Sable Bull was here, the 26th April and the Hunt was on. We arrived at the concession and some spotters had already been sent out so not much searching was required. We managed to stalk to about 100 yards but the Sable Bull was lying down so we had to wait for him to stand up. After about an hour the Bull did stand and Steve made a shot on the Bull but unfortunately it was a little low and the Bull was off. We managed to follow the Bull and with the help of the spotters we got the Bull down after a couple more stalks and about 4 hours of walking.

It was definitely worth all the work as the Sable Bull measured just short of 45” on one side and 46.5” on the other, a once in a lifetime Sable Bull! As you can imagine Steve was ecstatic with his Sable!

Steve also managed to get 2 Impalas, a Warthog and a Blue Wildebeest on his Hunting Safari!
It was great having Steve and he will be back later in the year.