Steve’s Hunting Red Lechwe in South Africa!

Steve arrived on the 4th May and would be hunting with us until he departs on the 12th.
Steve would be using the time to pursue a Red Lechwe Trophy and do a bit of Cull Hunting as well as relaxing after a hectic work schedule. Steve has hunted with us on numerous occasions and has bagged various Trophies and decided to concentrate on a Red Lechwe in South Africa.

Steve decided to spend the first three days relaxing and also tagged along on another hunt with some European clients. We started hunting for Cull animals and took it easy! Bagging three Springbuck and two Impala’s on the first day of Hunting.
The next day was spent on the Red Lechwe, we saw numerous rams and ewes and decided to put a stalk in on a really nice Trophy that was lying down enjoying the afternoon sun. We had to do some really careful stalking as there were other Red Lechwe in the vicinity, a little crawling and we were in a position for Steve to make a shot, the shot had to be taken sitting down due to the cover. Steve made a great shot to anchor his magnificent Red Lechwe Trophy! Well done Steve!

Over the next three days Steve managed to take another 8 Impala’s with some great stalks and shot placements!

It was great having Steve in camp again! We look forward to spending time with you again! Take care



Thanks again for a wonderful stay. It really helped me to unwind and recharge my batteries. The Red Lechwe and the drop horned Impala will be great memories. I truly loved spending time with you and your family.
Until next time