Induna Safaris is thrilled to have Steve Johnston come Hunt in South Africa with us again! He has brought his son Jordan, and brother Ken along for the fun this time. We are very excited for the next 10 days, as we know what a great time we had hunting with him last year, and this time he gets to share it with his family, which is fantastic.

16th August – First day hunting was spent chasing Impala rams, they gave Jordan a real run for his money. So Jordan got a good taste of the challenges of South African hunting. He did however get the better of the Impala rams late this afternoon. Jordan shot himself a really great Impala trophy, just before nightfall. He managed to execute an excellent shot, with perfect shot placement. So what a good start to his first day! Well done Jordan.

17th August – Today was again a successful day hunting! Jordan shot a Black Springbuck ram in the heart of the Karoo. Most of the day was spent stalking, and eventully he was able to take a shot on a good trophy ram.See picture.

18th August – This was a very adventuruos day, Steve decided to shoot a Mountain Reedbuck today. So everyone set out, up a huge mountain, which ended up being a hairy experience, as they all went up fairly high. Steve then took a shot, and managed to shoot two females with one bullet. Then when the group headed down the mountain with the TWO females, a very impresive ram stepped out and Steve ended up taking a shot on that one! So Steve went home with three animals in one day. What a day! Needless to say everyone was exhausted after the all the excitement.

19th August – Most of the morning was spent chasing four Zebras. In the end Jordan took yet another fantastic shot on the Stallion. Again he managed to excecute an excellent hunt, to add to his African collection. In the afternoon, they assissted in looking for Tom’s wounded kudu.

20th August – This morning again everyone helped look for Tom’s kudu, after it was found, we set off to get a Springbuck for Jordan. He managed to shoot a nice Springbuck ram very quickly. The shot was taken at 220 yards, again with outstanding shot placement.

21st August – Everyone took a day off from hunting and spent the morning doing an elephant back safaris which was a different experience for all, but it took its toll on all their bums! The afternoon was spent going around Addo Elephant Park, where they saw many Elephants, Kudu, and a rhino.

22nd August – In the morning we went out looking for Klipspringer in the mountains, but due to an increased amount of fog and bad weather, we had to call it a day on the mountain. So the rest of the day was spent looking for kudu. Jordan got to take a shot on a kudu bull, at 17h00, at a distance of about 200m, again an excellent shot with brilliant shot placement. It was only brought home after dark.

23rd August – The weather wasn’t the best so the group decided to spend the day sightseeing. A visit was made to Daniel Cheetah breeding to play with the cheetah’s and lion cubs and then we visited a taxidermist in Port Elizabeth.

24th August – Today was the last day of hunting so we headed out for Klipspringers but the wind was not playing along and all the Klipspringers were alerted of our presence. A good day was had by all and at least Steve has a reason to return to Induna Safaris, to get his Klipspringer. Steve and his family will be missed by all! We thoroughly enjoyed having Steve and his family here for a hunt again, they have all become dear friends and we look forward to seeing them again.