After hunting with Induna Safaris in 2008 on a South African Hunting Safari, Al Williams has returned to do a Management Hunt. Al has arrived from Namibia where he was on a Leopard Hunt.

14 June

After sighting in the rifle in heavy winds, we headed out to see what we could find. We spotted a group of about 15 Blue Wildebeest and put a stalk in. We managed to stalk to within 130 meters of them and Al made an excellent shot on an old cow that dropped on the spot.

15 June

Al made another excellent shot on an old Impala ram that had a broken horn. The Impala ram only ran about 10 meters before expiring.
Went out in the afternoon to look for another cull animal. We put a stalk in on 10 Blue Wildebeest and Al made a shot on a cow. Unfortunately the shot was a little forward and low; we followed the animal till dark and decided to carry on in the morning.

16 June

Went out to look for the wounded Blue Wildebeest. We found blood and managed to find it about 2 hours later. Al made another excellent shot to down the wounded animal. Well done to those involved in the tracking!
After a short siesta, the hunting continued and we spotted a bachelor group of Waterbuck, we notice a young bull with a skew horn so Al decided to take him. After a short stalk and some good shooting the bull was down. Well done Al!

17 June

Another good day was had by all. Some good stalks were made and some excellent shots were made. Al took 3 Impala Rams.

18 June

Another good day and another 3 Impala’s downed. Some more good stalks and some more good shooting by Al. It was good seeing Al again and hopefully we will see him sometime soon.