14th June 2014

Father and son group, Seth and Ed, arrived from Pennyslvania, they are accompanied by our dear friend Steve from Arizona. After arrival they went out and cited in their rifles after the long flight over. Thereafter the rest of the afternoon was spent scouting about and getting a feel for the terrain.

15 June 2014

After breakfast, the boys headed out for their first day of hunting, which was Ed and Seth’s first day hunting in South Africa. Unfortunately the wind is blowing gales, but that did not deter anybody. We came across a MASSIVE Blue Wildebeest bull, that we ended up putting a stalk in. Seth made a 107 yard shot, and he dropped after the one shot, where Seth had hit him spot on, what a excellent shot, in the forceful wind! Their hunt started off with a bang! Have a look at the pictures for this unbelievable specimen.

We went back to the lodge for a great lunch. In the afternoon, we spotted an astounding Impala but unfortunately he got lost in the wind! But his days are numbered, Ed has his eye on him.

16 June 2014

First thing in the morning, we spotted a Kudu bull, that was a magnificent Kudu bull. Ed then managed to get himself a beautiful, old grey ghost – that is a Kudu he can be proud of. He did an excellent stalk, being very patient and managing to get to within 150 yards, where he was able to take a perfect shot.

17 June 2014

Seth and Kelvin put in a stalk on a Zebra, but somehow the Zebra managed to escape them. After a great bush lunch, we headed out again to get a Nyala. We came across a group of six Nyala bulls, all of them of great stature, but Seth picked out the best one. Seth made a shot at 170 yards, that again was spot on, and the Nyala Bull dropped in his tracks. Another great trophy for the father and sons South African Plains Game Hunting team.

18 June 2014

In the afternoon a kudu was wounded, and due to poor light we decided not to track him, to head back and then go look for him first thing in the morning, we were fairly confident that we would not take long to find him in the morning, however of course one is never sure, so we did all dream about the elusive grey ghost.

19 June 2014

We located the bull at the last place where we saw him the previous night, and the chase began. We chased him for a grueling two hours of pursuing, and it ended with Seth making an excellent shot, after running up a mountain, and he managed to take down his fantastic trophy Kudu Bull.

The remainder of the day was allocated to a spectacular Sable. Ed took an excellent shot, where the Sable was hit , and he managed to run only about 45m, before dropping. And this is honestly one of the most beautiful Sable, just a magnificent Bull. Ed can be very proud of his excellent trophy.

20 June 2014

We went looking for an Eland bull, saw plenty, but unfortunately lady luck was against us today so they got away. However we had a exciting time, scaling some spectacular mountains.

21 June 2014

For a change, we went to watch others do some hunting without rifles! We accompanied some cheetahs on a hunt, which was a fantastic experience. We walked with two cheetahs who were hunting, after some great hiking, and seeing some awesome animals, these two magnificent cats took down a “trophy” Blesbuck. It was really an exciting morning. See the picture!

22 June 2014

We went to get Ed’s Impala this morning, and had a very successful morning. Put a stalk on a nice Waterbuck bull, that escaped us and lived to see another day, but a great Impala ram was not so lucky. We spotted three Impala rams in the distance, and put a stalk in, where Ed made a beautiful 150 yards shot to take down his fabulous Impala trophy that has been taunting him for a few days. Excellent shot by a great huntsman!

23 June 2014

Another day dedicated to the Eland! After doing some great stalking and walking Seth took a 180 yard shot, that took down a monstrous Eland bull. This trophy took alot of hard work, and grueling hikes and some hair raising driving on the montains, but in the end, Seth can be very proud of this exceptional trophy Eland.

24 June 2014

Seth got the last animal on his list today, a beautiful Zebra, which he is using for a rug. We then also went to look for the waterbuck, but he gave us the slip AGAIN!

25 June 2014

On the last day, and after a lot of hard work and days of stalking Ed got his Waterbuck bull. After a two hour stalk Ed made a great shot to drop his Waterbuck in his tracks.

What a successful hunt for the father and son team on their South African Plains Game Hunt!



I had a great time hereat Induna. It will be extremely difficult to leave, but I look forward to returningin the future. I will always remember the experiences that I had during my visit. Thanks for everything.

This was my first international safari and it exceeded my expectation. The hospitality was exceptional and relaxing. Kelvin’s knowledge of the animals and there behaviour was outstanding. I appreciated his compasion for the trophies we had taken. Best of luck, we will return.