21 November 2015

While Song and Sylvia were on their three week tour of South Africa, Song decided to make contact with us to find out if it would be possible to visit Induna Safaris for a day and try his hand at Hunting Africa. We of course obliged.  Not the greatest start to the day as it was raining; we waited for the rain to ease up and then took Song to the shooting range so that he could get a feel for the rifle and to sight it in.
Once the rifle was sighted in and Song felt comfortable with it we headed out looking for an Impala Ram. There wasn’t much movement due to the rain but we did manage to see about twenty Impala Rams in all and decided to put a stalk in on a bachelor group of six. We managed to get in very close while they were feeding. We must have spent about an hour on the group waiting for the perfect broad side shot on the Impala Ram we had chosen for Song to shoot. Eventually the Impala Ram presented itself and Song made a brilliant shot to drop the Ram. This was the first time Song had shot a rifle and killed an animal and he did very well, well done Song on your first Hunting Africa experience.

We wish you all the best on the rest of your travels and we hope to see you again in the near future for another Hunting Africa experience.



First Hunting experience ever. It was a fantastic and very intense experience. Kelvin and Alton were very experienced and make it great day for me. Best wishes to the whole family.
Song Guo