SCI Professional Hunter Spotlight

Professional Hunter Spotlight – Kelvin Milsom

Born in Namibia to British citizens who enjoyed the mystic of Africa, Milsom spent his childhood years in the outdoors, hunting and developing a love of animals. On weekends, his dad took him camping and fishing. That environment seemed to indicate Milsom would pursue a career as a PH; however, his life took a different turn. At the age of 14, Milsom’s parents relocated the family to the UK. True to the saying that once you have hunted in Africa you yearn to return, he didn’t realize how he would miss the life he had known.

After completing college, Milsom began his career in information technology. His friends heard him lament he did not enjoy his job and that one day he would return to Africa, but few believed he would actually do it. Milsom said that as luck would have it, the lady he married, Denise, had lived on a ranch in the Eastern Cape. They made a life-changing decision, agreeing to return to Africa was what they wanted to do. While living in the UK, Milsom flew back to Africa periodically and earned his PH license with help from his father-in-law, a PH who mentored him.

INDUNA SAFARIS is located primarily in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The terrain offers a wide variety of bushveld with areas of open plains, rocky hills and dense brush all of which are ideal for the 37 species hunted on Induna’s concession. Bookings are limited to one group at a time to ensure the hunters receive personal attention and enjoy the lodge and facilities.

Though most PH’s carry firearms when guiding clients, Milsom has a different philosophy. “Unlike most PH’s, I ordinarily do not carry a rifle,” he explains. “I want the whole hunt to be the client’s. I do not intervene because I want the client to have the satisfaction of a sole African kill. I let the client feel I have full confidence in his (or her) hunting skills. If a client wounds an animal, I insist he take the final shot. If, however, the circumstances warrant it, I carry my BRNO .375 H&H.”

During the eight years he has been guiding, Milsom has had many adventures. “We came across a really magnificent kudu bull that was bigger than most I had seen,” he explains when recalling a hunt with a client from the UK. “We put in a difficult stalk and managed to get close enough for the client to take a shot I felt confident he could make. The perfectly shot kudu dropped behind a bush.”

For non-hunters, Induna Safaris offers photographic safaris and tours to local attractions. They are involved in WRSA (Wildlife Ranching South Africa) and are members of ECGMA (Eastern Cape Game Management Association), which promotes conservation.

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