22 April 2012

We are so thrilled to have Rocky Jackson return for another hunt, and this time he brough his wife Debbie, and friends, Shannon, Ralph and Lori.  Everyone arrived at mid afternoon following a very long flight from Canada. They settled in and then the guys went to set in their rifles and get ready for the following days hunting. Wonderful to see Rocky again, and great to meet the others.

23 April 2012

Rocky and Donovan set out today in search of a Bushbuck, but as we know the Bushbuck is the king of the elusive beasts. They did spot one spectatuclar looking male, which unfortunatley ending up slipping away. But at least he has been spotted and now the hunt is on. They saw a lot of different game, and Rocky spotted a HUGE Duiker, that he now also has his eye on.

Ralph and Shannon went out with Kelvin today to look for Kudu and a Nyala. Whilst looking for these, a caracul was spotted, by pure fluke, and the guys were then able to stalk the cat, and Shannon managed to shoot himself a beautiful caracul, which is a very lucky start for the hunting trip. Ralph then ended up getting himslef a really stunning Gemsbuck trophy. They stalked the Gemsbuck, then a few lay down, they had to wait for a good few hours for them to move and then finally all the others got up and moved away, and the guy they had put their sights on remained lying down. Eventually he got up and Ralph managed to put him down with some great shooting.

The ladies had a nice relaxing start to the day. And after a leisurely lunch, they headed out to the Daniell Cheetah Breeding project. The day was thoroughly enjoyed, as they all got to get up close to a cheetah, and they managed to have some fun with two little lion cubs, that are 4 months old. Both Debbie and Lori managed to get a lion and cheetah attack on the first day in Africa!

A great day was had by all, and it started on a high note all round!

24 April 2012

Rocky and Donovan headed out early again to try for a Bushbuck, unfortunately the elusive animal managed to escape again today.
They spotted two females, but the large Ram did not make an appearance. They had an enjoyable day, as they got to see
many different species and how they interact in the bush.

Shannon was able to shoot an impressive Impala. This happened while they were sitting on a rock, waiting for some Kudu bulls to come out.
The Impala just happened to stroll across their path, and Shannon put in a small stalk and took a good shot and got himself his trophy Impala.
Later that day they spotted a group of about 12 Blue Wildebeest grazing, within this group there was a massive bull. This is a bull that Ralph had seen on his first day here. Eventually Ralph managed to take a shot, and what a fantastic Blue Wildebeest trophy he got himself.

Debbie, stayed at the lodge today getting in some well needed rest. Laurie and Denise went for a very exciting walk with Cheetahs, it was a fairly strenuos walk, but extremely interesting. After a couple of hours the Cheetahs were able to take down a Duiker, and it was very interesting to witness.
Again another good day had by all.

25 April 2012

Donovan and Rocky spent the day looking for a Waterbuck, they managed to put a stalk in on a nice bull, but he managed to get away, as the wind changed.
A little later they came across another good bull, who was lying down, they waited patiently for quite awhile, eventually when he got up- he turned around and walked in the wrong direction to a thick bush and got away.

Ralph came across a beautiful Zebra, whcih he was able to take fairly early on in the day.

The ladies spent the day at Addo Elephant Park, had a great day game viewing.

26 April 2012

What a great day for all!

Rocky got himself a spectatuclar 30 inch Waterbuck, that he was extremely thrilled with.

Shannon and Ralph both were able to shoot themselves some good Nyala bulls. And then later in the afternoon, just before dark, Shannon got his much wanted Kudu bull. What an exciting day!

Denise and Laurie, spent the afternoon at Schotia, were they did a night game drive, and were lucky enough to see Lions very close up to the vehicle, and some stunning Rhinos and hippos.

27 April 2012

Shannon, Ralph and kelvin spent the morning stalking a kudu bull for Ralph, which he managed to get, with not too much difficulty. In the afternoon, they went out to look for an Impala, they spotted an extra wide horned Impala, that Ralph had his eye. The Impala got away, due to an overly alert female that warned the male. But the plan is to head out tomorrow and look for this same Impala.

Rocky and Donovan, had another long but enjoyable day. They spent the day looking for Bushbuck again. To both their amazement they saw 4 males all in all. But the only one that came out of the bushes enough to take a shot at was one Ram with only ONE HORN!!! The other ram, shot out the bush, like a bullet and was gone. So they spent the day in the bush again, and came home empty handed, but still had a good day being out in the bush.

Laurie was very brave yesterday and spent the morning on an elephant back safari! It was good to get so close to the elephant, but the ride could have been shorter, she says, due to her slightly bruised bottom! But still a good day was had.

28 April 2012

Shannon, Ralph and Kelvin went out early to get a Gemsbuck for Shannon. The day began with a Gemsbuck stalk, which seemed to become a Springbuck stalk, but the Springbuck was not shot, at this point, the stalk then went back to Gemsbuck, which he then took down with a perfect shot, and then just a follow up shot was fired to close the deal. The impala chase was then on, after a couple of hours, the same wide horned Impala was spotted, stalked and then shot much to Ralph’s delight.

On the last day of hunting Rocky and Donovan were again defeated by the Bushbuck once again- to the terrible disappointment of both of them. The elusive Bushbuck lived up to his name, and he won this round, but Rocky says without a doubt he will be back next year to continue the battle. Fortunately Rocky is a long time and very experienced hunter, who has a vast knowledge of, and appreciation for the outdoors, so he realises that – that is how the hunting game goes, sometimes they get away.

We would like to thank everybody for coming to hunt and holiday with us, we have thoroughly enjoyed everybodys company, it has really been a fun, friendly group of people. The enthusiasm for the outdoors, and being out in the bush, and just seeing and stalking the variety of game was so appreciated. We really hope that they will all return, and we wish them well on their travels home.

Again we have made some new friends, and will definitely stay in touch. And we are thrilled that Rocky and Debbie are coming next year again for another holiday, and we look forward to welcoming our friends back again.