We had an amazing experience from start to finish!

The hunting was fantastic and the food was unbelievable! Kelvin and his family were such fun and shared some fun stories. We learned so much while we were here and look forward to coming back some day! Thank you so much.

Jay, Jason and Brenda Purkey – Colorado
Wonderful hospitality

Great food, Great Hunting – totally memorable experience for us both in a lovely family atmosphere. Hope we can arrange to return next year!

Brian and Jenny Knight – UK

What a great place for a Son, Father and Father in law to spend a week together. You couldn’t have been more spot on. A huge thanks for your hospitality and gracious patients with our hunting skills.

Kayle and Steven Neeley
Once again, we had a wonderful time

I do enjoy his company on hunts. It’s even better when I get bigger game than what’s on his trophy wall. Looking forward to getting back here, and a big thanks to Dee for looking after us. Kelvin make sure you spend time each day with Kyan and his bow. I expect to see him out shoot us when I come back next year.

David Edwards & Hayley Cairns
Lifelong dream come true

It has been an amazing experience. I truly enjoyed hunting with you Kelvin, you make every hunt a memory I will never forget. Thanks you so much for all the amazing food and your hospitality. We have made new friends forever. “Till the next time”. Thank you guys for everything you have made our trip one that we will never forget. Denise, thanks for the wonderful tours you really took me “On top of the world” from the grand canyon of desolation, top of the elephant, walking, the museum, Addo and city tour, you were a wealth of information.

Jerry and Marlene Taylor
Spectacular time here at the lodge

The hunting far exceeded our expectations and the food and company were amazing. We won’t forget the good times we had any time soon. This was an epic Hunting safari.

Bill Bacheller & Chris Johnson
Amazing memories, new friendship, and a plan to return!

Kelvin and Denise are the ultimate hosts and have gone to great lengths to make my stay comfortable and fun. My trophies are superb and Kelvin worked hard to find the very best. I cannot speak highly enough of these wonderful people and this magic place. If you are considering coming to Induna Hunting Safaris, stop waiting; you will not find a better hunting experience in South Africa, book your trip as you won’t regret it. To Kelvin and Denise (and the family) I will miss you and can’t wait to come back. Thank you so much.

Aaron Toresen
Lifetime experience!

Words cannot even begin to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for giving us a lifetime experience. We will cherish in our hearts forever. Denise – Your daily welcoming smile topped with your gift of preparing delicious cuisine only brought smiles to our hearts and of course tummy’s. For sure you are a 10+ star hostess and a 10+ star mom and wife. Kelvin – This is our 2nd trip to South Africa, however; our first time spent with you. (Induna Safaris) Your knowledge of the veldt and game makes you a master – mentor to all Professional Hunters. Always “spot on” the exact location – position to always successfully take out our requested game. And of course. the animal had to always be Trophy best. A personal thank you for allowing me to tag along with hubby and encouraging him to the end that he would be successful with taking out his target. We will sincerely miss the days filled with the adventure of the hunt. The evenings filled with fellowship of constant laughter. But most of all – a lifetime friendship.

Bobby & Robin Jackson
Lovely stay

Kelvin found the perfect trophys and their hospitality has been stunning. We would LOVE to come back and bring the children.

Soren & Susanne Lybye – Denmark
Truly enjoyable experience!

Theses past 8 days have flown by! Charlie had a wonderful time with Kelvin as they wandered the property in search of the animals. And, what a beautiful property it is, as far as the eye can see. Charlie was happy to have some new SCI record book animals to add to our display at home. Our walls at home will now add a beautiful White Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, and a fabulous Blesbuck. Charlie and Kelvin had a great time bantering one another with their dry sense of humor – lots of good laughs and great conversation every day! In addition to hosting Charlie, Kelvin and Denise also hosted me, a non-hunter, my experience here was so enjoyable and I had such a wonderful time getting to know Denise. She could not have been more gracious and kind – we had so much fun (at least, I did, I hope she did too!) We toured together and walked on the property and played lots of cards – I learned a new card game that, hopefully, I can teach my friends at home. We hope Denise and Kelvin come to Arizona one day so we might be able to repay their hospitality. We also enjoyed meeting Denise’s parents, Erna & Donovan! What wonderful people they are! We could have talked about so many things forever! Hopefully they will all come to stay with us one day! Thank you Denise & Kelvin for a wonderful stay, a fabulous hunt for Charlie, and a truly enjoyable experience! We love you both! Our best to you always.

Charlie & Patti Herf – Arizona
It was a great time

My first hunting experience alone. It was a great time. After a 7 hr hunt I came away with a beautiful kudu. After that 3 Impala and one that got away. It was a wonderful growing experience. Thank you for not taking my gun(rifle) at the end of the kudu hunt, so many would have. Great food, nice lodge, great family. Next time I will come with a list! Thank you so much to both of you and your staff. It was such a awesome experience to my 10 months here in SA. Next dogs name: INDUNA.

Trish Mike – Dallas Texas
What a place!

Great hunting experience. I came here for a bow hunting trip and had the time of my life. Induna Safaris is a 1st class operation. Kelvin & Denise do a great job and are the best people you would ever want to meet. Kelvin and the staff here went above and beyond to make our trip successful & memorable. I cant wait to return to Induna Safaris for my next trip. Whether you are a bowhunter or a rifle hunter they can accommodate you and understand what it takes to help you. I would highly recommend Induna Safaris to anyone looking to book a hunt in Africa. Thank you Kelvin & Dee and we will see you again soon.

Michael Beeny – Arizona
Absolutely had a blast with you guys

We shared lots of laughs and thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of meals. The properties are beautiful. I enjoyed every day I spent here. You guys have a beautiful family. It was great to get to know you. I hope we’ll be able to meet again soon. Thanks again. You’ll be highly recommended to any hunter I come across.

Brandon Johnston – USA
As always everything was wonderful

I can’t believe we are leaving already. The last 13 days have flown by. Denise you are the most fabulous hostess. Your hospitality and friendship means so much to us and it is what makes our trip so enjoyable. What can I say about the hunting. Kelvin you are the best there is. You make hunting more fun than anyone Ill know. Your choice of animals is phenomenal. It is a lot of work but once the animal is down it makes it all worth while. Your dedication to your clients and to the profession are evident in the condition and availability of so many animals you offer.

Stinson – California
Amazing experience

This has been a truly amazing experience, one that most could never even dream of. Thank you so much for making my first safari something that I never ever want to forget.

Rebecca Hamlin – California
Greatly exceeded my expectations

The stalks were done with great skill and the scenery and quality of the game was excellent. I had a great time getting to know you all as well. I appreciate all of the hard work that went in to making my African safari an experience I will never forget.

Ralph Tessman – Canada
Something we will never forget

The whole experience for us has been more than we had hoped for. The great care that you put forth into each hunt with the stalk, the preparation of the field photos. We appreciate all the hard work you put into making this a great experience hunting. Thank you Denise for driving me around everywhere, I thoroughly enjoyed all the tours and your company. Thank you for making both of our experiences very memorable and something we will never forget.

Shannon & Laurie Lancaster – Canada
Amazing experience

The hunting was excellent as always. The accommodations are 5 star. Thanks Donovan for your expertise making Rocky’s hunt another he will remember for a lifetime. The meals were fantastic. Denise thank you for taking me on the tours, really enjoyed them. Kelvin your sense of humor kept us laughing, you made everyone feel at home. Kyan is an enjoyable little man, I know why Rocky fell in love with him. And Omee thank you for the time we spent together, our chats and walks with Kyan, afternoon tea. I will treasure the memories forever. Induna Safaris is a 5 star operation. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Rocky & Debbie Jackson – Canada
Wonderful hunting trip

2nd trip to Induna! Kudu was a long shot but we found him. The White springbuck will look great next to the Common springbuck. Dinners were fantastic. Donovan is a nonstop gogogo until ya get the good one! The Kudu was a whistler singing across the valley hitting the target! Had a great ride on the elephant . Ya don’t want to miss this experience for sure.

Tom Wigginton – Utah
Awesome Trip!

Great people, great accommodation, great food, great hunting, what more could a person want?

Joel Macari – Washington USA
The best time I’ve ever had

My first time to hunt in South Africa. The best time I’ve ever had. Both Kelvin and Denise and Donovan and Erna were the very best hosts. They are all LOLs. Food and accommodation were excellent. Hunting was the best. I pray I can come again to hunt and visit. The best to you all.

Thomas Henley – Indiana USA
Excellent hunt

There’s not enough room to express our gratitude to our excellent hosts. You went much over what we expected. Excellent hunt, food and friendships. Thank you so very much. Until we meet again.

Ron and Deb Hord – Ohio USA
Overall number 1

To all at Induna Safaris. I have been honoured to come to Africa many times now and I can easily say that I would rate you overall number 1. People always make the difference and all of you are the very best the Lord put on this earth. I am confident I will see you again, so farewell for now and thank you for a wonderful hunt.

Steve Johnston – Arizona USA
Great experience

This is my first experience on a safari. I have been impressed with the people, the accommodation, the food, and the guides and workers. I would recommend Induna Safaris for those who want a great experience. It was a honour to take the 10 animals that were wonderful and beautiful. THANK YOU!

Gary Tieman – Arizona USA
Most memorable trip

Excellent adventure and overall experience. Super people, super service, super food, excellent wildlife. My first and a most memorable trip to this great country of South Africa.

Trent Heidtke – Arizona USA
A five star experience!

My first safari- and an excellent experience. Great people, great accommodation, outstanding food.

Roger Whittier – Arizona USA

Our 6th stay in South Africa and by the far the best one. Great people, great accommodation good food, nice BBQ and talks. Friendly contacts and breathtaking excursions.

Daniel and Olga Pauporte – Belgium
Best days of our journey spent at Induna

To Kelvin, Denise, Kyan & Sharka. We spent 6 weeks travelling from Ethiopia to Cape town and the best days of our journey were spent at Induna. Great guides, great hunting, great food, great people. Our Kudu & Springbuck were magnificent. We hope you will visit us in Canada! All the best.

Jason & Janelle Jagodich – Canada
Simply perfect

Just simply perfect in every respect, people, food and the hunting. Lots of game and such variety and beautiful surroundings.

Dr Billy Graham
Exceeded expectations

The African experience we have dreamt of for years has just become a reality. The game, landscape and people all exceeded expectations. Only bettered by the hospitality and food in the lodge.

Stephen, Richard and Chris Fowler – N Ireland
Truly wonderful

Thank you, Thank you. Our first African experience, truly wonderful. What a great family!! Fantastic food and company. We will surely plan to come back.

John Maser – Ohio USA
Life changing experience

I can’t believe what a good time I’ve had. Truly a life changing experience. You guys are a great family to be with. It was a hunting trip that can never be topped, but will be back surely to try. Thanks for everything.

John A Maser (Junior) – Ohio USA
Wonderful time

Well I hurt in places I never knew I had muscles. Regardless that beautiful Waterbuck made it all worth the bruises, scrapes and thorns. We had a wonderful time, thank you so much Kelvin, Denise, Donovan & Erna. Your expertise and drive to keep hunting a safe and true sport shows in the excellent shape your animals are in. We look forward to a long friendship ( + less painful). P.S. I will think of you everytime I look at my “majestic stallion”.

Lynn & Teresa Stinson – California
Had a great time!

Somehow I survived 10 days with Kelvin and had a great time, I expected nothing less. Thank you Denise, Erna and staff for the excellent meals. It was especially great to spend time with my son (1 shot Jordan) and my muffin eating brother Kenny. The highlight of the trip was the elephant ride. Do not miss this!! We will all return soon. Thanks for everything. Best wishes.

Steve Johnston – Arizona
Nothing but good memories

I had a great experience here thanks to the entire Induna family. They are very kind and always ask if you need anything. And of course i have to give a shout out to my man Alton, if it weren’t for him my hunting trip wouldn’t have been such a success. If I could , I would come back here in a heart beat because I have nothing but good memories.

Jordan Johnston – Arizona
Wonderful time

I want to thank everyone at Induna for a wonderful time. Everyone was very pleasant and always wanted to make sure I was taken great care of. I cant thank you enough for the many experiences I have had in the 10 days that I stayed. I made new friends and family in South Africa.

Ken Johnston – Arizona
Wonderful people

My vocabulary is not good enough to express my thanks and appreciation to Kelvin and Denise. They are very wonderful people and I consider them the best of friends. Thanks so much!

Ron Hord – Ohio
A Dream hunt

Truly the best hunt I have experienced. Great Trophy’s and the best of people. Thank you so very much for making my dream hunt, the best it could be.

Rocky Jackson – Alberta, Canada
Amongst the very best

Have hunted on a few occasions in S.A. Hunting and Hospitality are amongst the very best, have had a thoroughly great time with Induna and look forward to my next trip with Induna. Thanks for a warm and friendly welcome.

Martin Goodchild – UK
Great hospitality!

John – What a wonderful week spent here with my 2 boys. Kelvin + Denise, I can’t thank you enough for your great hospitality! You and your staff are unbelievable in all regards. A trip that will never be forgotten. Thank you!!James – Best hunting trip ever! Nothing came easy and everything we killed came at the end of truly memorable stalks. Thanks all for the hospitality and overall experience. John Jnr – Once again, you guys have been the best family we could possibly stay with. We all had the times of our lives and we’ll make sure to come back again to see you. Thanks again for everything.

John, James and John Jnr Maser – USA
An experience of a lifetime

The game, the country, the food, the hunting and most of all the family experience which gave the experience with a personal touch. My sincerest gratitude.

Paddy Taggart – Ireland
Beyond our expectations

We have had the most wonderful time with Kelvin and Denise. Richard’s hunting was beyond his expectations and will take loads of stories back to his son and son in law, who would give their eye teeth to be here. Thank you for your friendly hospitality and wish you every success in your safari business. In three days Richard shot an Impala, Duiker, Steenbuck and a stupendous Kudu with 50 inch horns.

Richard & Carrie Ahern – France