Dave and Hayley arrived yesterday after a very long flight from down under – Australia. After a good nights sleep they were ready to start their Plains Game Bow Hunting Safari in South Africa. Hayley and Denise headed out to Graaf Reinett, where they enjoyed a lovely lunch at an quaint, colonial style tea shop, following a morning of browsing the gift shops, and a little walk to the Valley of Desolation. Dave and I set out early in the morning, to have a look for a Blue Wildebeest. We came across a really nice bull, we put a good stalk in, and at about 100 yards, a warthog shot out of the bush in front of us,and spooked the Blue Wildebeest. So on our way back for lunch, we spotted an excellent Impala ram. We put in stalk and Dave managed to take a good shot at the Impala, with his bow, and hit him with full penetration through both shoulders. The Impala took off and we managed to track him down, and Dave bagged an exceptional trophy Impala. Well done Dave, great start to your Plains Game Bow Hunting Safari in South Africa!

2 March 2014
We put a good, stalk in on a trophy Waterbuck in the morning, but it managed to get away. But late afternoon we went to get a Nyala Bull, we managed to shoot a beautiful Nyala at 25 yards with a bow, with a straight through shot, the Nyala ran another 30 yards, where he dropped. Denise and Hayley spent the afternoon at Addo, where they got to see some male lions and plenty of impressive elephants up close and personal.

3 March 2014
In the morning we went to get a White Springbuck, we sat in the hide waiting for them to come in. Dave took an excellent shot at 22 yards with his bow, and again a straight through shot. Well done Dave. In the afternoon Dave, Kelvin and Hayley headed out to Schotia were they did some game viewing!

4 March 2014
Denise and Hayley spent the day shopping in Port Elizabeth, which was most enjoyable.  Kelvin and Dave came across a great looking Kudu bull, they stalked up to a point where he was behind a tree, and they had to wait for him to take a step to the left, this wait was for 2 hours. He then moved out from behind the tree and Dave took an excellent shot with a rifle at 190 yards, he was hit through the shoulder, and just to secure him, Dave took another shot, which dropped this magnificient Kudu in his tracks. What a great Gold Medal Trophy Kudu bull to add to his collection of great trophies.

5 March 2014
Kelvin and Dave spent the day stalking various animals with the bow but had no joy. Deneise and Hayley spent the day in Port Elizabeth, seeing the sights and shopping.

6 March 2014
Dave and Hayley only have to get their flight out of Port Elizabeth in the afternoon so Dave decided to spend the morning hunting. Kelvin and Dave went out to see what they could see and after a couple of hours glassing a very nice Warthog was spotted. It went and lay down with two other boars so we had to wait for them to get up and start feeding, this wait lasted 1.5 hours. The boar eventually moved and presented Dave with a quartering shot. Dave took the shot and ended up with a very nice Warthog. Hayley spent the morning at the lodge.

We realy enjoyed having Dave and Hayley with us at Induna Safaris for their Plains Game Bow Hunting Safari in South Africa and we hope to see them sometime in the near future.



“Had a awesome week. Had just as much fun driving around and joking and mucking around as hunting the fantastic game on their property. So impressed with the number and quality of the game animals. I am most impressed with Kelvins game management. His off sider Elton has supreme tracking skills and should be slipped a few more rand! Denise did a wonderful job at trying to fatten me up. A few more weeks and she would have been successful. Thanks again. See you soon” – David Edwards

“As a non-hunter I had no idea what to expect from my trip. Now that I am at the end of my holiday all I know is I want to take Denise with me. She has been a great host, a listening ear and a wonderful chef and always walked that fine line perfectly between making sure we were looked after completely whilst still giving me my own space. Kelvin and Denise are fantastic at what they do. A great team. Please stay in contact Denise! I am a fan of your family. Love your kids and ferocious Shaka the porcupine hunter.” – Hayley Cairns