Four friends from Missouri have met up for a reunion of sorts and to enjoy an African Plains Game Hunt with Induna Safaris.

5 June 2015

After a late arrival last night, everyone managed to get up early this morning to get out for their first day hunting!

Pat and Chris went out to look for either a Springbuck or Zebra. They came across a heard of Springbuck, they were running, and then one stopped and looked at them, he was a ram that stood out from the group. Pat managed to take a long shot, and got himself a beautiful Springbuck trophy. After lunch they then put a stalk in on a Zebra, and after a staring stand-off of 40 minutes, the Zebra got the best of them and got away.

Brian and Brandon went out looking for an Impala each. Brian managed to get the first Impala early in the morning. This actually happened while stalking a Kudu bull, that got our wind and took off, but there was a great Impala ram nearby that they stalked and Brian made a good shot, and bagged a good Impala ram.

After lunch back at the lodge, they headed out and Brandon shot a porcupine within half an hour of leaving the lodge. And then at almost dusk, they spotted another spectacular Impala ram, that they decide to stalk, even though it was so late. After stalking Brandon also took an excellent shot dropping another magnificent trophy Impala ram.

6 June 2015

Brandon, Brian and Kelvin went out looking for the grey ghost- the Kudu. Unfortunately the kudu eluded them, even though they managed to put in a few stalks here and there, they were just not able to take any shots.

Pat, Chris and Donovan went out to get a Zebra, and had a little more luck than the others. They came across a herd of Zebra, and immediately spotted the same one that they stalked yesterday. Pat got on the sticks and took an excellent shot at about 200 yards, dropping a beautiful Zebra. Then they went to look for a Kudu, and again the the grey ghost got away.

7 June 2015

This morning Kelvin, Brian (the bearded fellow) and Chris went out to get a Kudu! They spotted some kudu about a kilometer away lying on the hillside sunning themselves. They made their way over and put in a stalk and Brian took another great shot at about 175 yards, dropping the Kudu immediately. The bearded fellow was thrilled with his magnificient kudu bull with really beautiful horns, and we could tell that he was a really old bull.

This afternoon after a lunch at the lodge- they went out to look for a Blue Wildebeest. After an hour or so of watching a group of blue Wildebeest the bull was the last one to come out the thick bush, and then Brian made another great kill, getting a massive Blue Wildebeest Bull.

Pat, Brandon and Donovan decided they were going to look for a Gemsbuck. They came over a hill and came across a group of Zebra and Gemsbuck. Pat got on the sticks and took a shot at about 160 yards, and he managed to take home a beautiful Gemsbuck trophy.

Now was the time for Brandon’s Kudu. at almost dark, about 45 minutes before sunset, they came across one Kudu bull, stalked it, and then that Kudu got away, and then unbelievably they came across a group with a couple of nice shooters. They stalked it, and he took a shot at 140 yards and managing to bag a really impressive, Kudu Bull that he can be very proud of.

Induna Safaris thoroughly enjoyed the last four days with these great guys, we had a lot of laughs, great hunts with guys that are really enthusiastic about hunting and the outdoors. We hope to see these Missouri boys again.



A fantastic trip from start to finish – wonderful hosts, great hunting and spirited conversation! I’m already looking forward to the next trip back to Induna. Thanks for the perfect trip – and thanks for putting up with my friends!!
Until next time – all the best
Patrick Walls

A wonderful experience.Fantastic land, hosts and atmosphere. Thank you for a great time. Best wishes.
Chris Pittman

Wow! Not much more can explain our experience. Kelvin and the crew are awesome and made us feel right at home. Thanks for everything, can’t wait to get back!
Brian Eggleston

Kelvin, Denise and staff made my experience amazing. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect hunt. The kindness, work ethic and hospitality here at Induna is un-matched. THANK YOU. I’ll be back
Brandon Eggleston