Mark arrived today from the USA and will be with Induna Safaris from the 4th until 14th September. Mark Hunted with us in 2016 and decided to return this year and will be doing a Management Hunt.

5 September 5, 2018

4 Impala culls down today! 4 Great stalks were made with some precision shooting undertaken by Mark.  All the Culls didn’t manage to run further than 20 yards before expiring. What a great way to start your Management Hunt Mark.

6 September 2018

22 Millimeters of rain today, so unfortunately we didn’t get to hunt but Mark made the most of it and we headed to Port Elizabeth and did some curio shopping.

7 September 2018

Great day in the veld today, Mark managed to take a management Cape Springbuck and management Duiker in the morning and then a management Impala Ewe in the afternoon. All were great stalks with some great shooting by Mark.

8 September 2018

Slow start to the day today as it was still raining this morning. We did put in a stalk this morning on some Impala but unfortunately Mark missed the Impala Ewe we were after. We managed to take a great Management Hunt Kudu in the afternoon with a great stalk. We had to wait for the Kudu bull to come out of some thick brush he was sheltering under from the rain. Mark made a great shot which hit him on the shoulder and then made another great follow up shot. Well done Mark!

9 September 2018

Mark managed to take 2 Black Springbuck Management animals and 1 Duiker ewe today.

10 September 2018

3 Management Impala’s and a very old Management Kudu bull taken today. 4 great stalks whilst enjoying the new growth after the great rains, what a difference it has made!
Mark took some time out to visit Kleinpoort School today where he donated much needed school supplies.

11 September 2018

Mark managed to take a Copper Springbuck ewe and a Warthog sow today. We made some great stalks and some fine shooting was conducted by Mark. The veldt is really starting to look good after the rains and we are seeing a lot of animals out in the flats grazing.

12 September 2018

Another great day in the veldt today. Mark managed to take 3 Impala ewes, with some great stalks and shots.

13 September 2018

4 Impala’s taken today, another great day of stalking and shooting by Mark.



Thank you so much for the hospitality. The Hunting was great, the scenery was spectacular. The Milsom’s, Rudmans and the staff were warm and welcoming. I look forward to my return.