15 April 2013

Induna Safaris is happy to welcome Soren and Susanne from Denmark for their first African safari. The hunt has started on a high note. This morning Soren went out for an Impala, and after some very patient waiting in the bush, a little walking, and an excellent shot, Soren managed to bag an old Impala ram at a distance of over 200m. Throughout the morning they came across several groups of rams, with many potential shooters, but this particular ram was selected due to his age and size.

Susanne had a nice relaxing day, lounging by the pool, enjoying some of the good South African weather.

16 April

The whole day was spent stalking a fantastic Kudu bull, but this beast managed to elude us, and we went home empty handed and humbled!

Susanne spent another relaxing day at the lodge, enjoying the scenery, reading and chatting with Denise.

17 April

The day began with us heading out looking for a Duiker. We spotted a great, old Kudu bull lying down, and we then managed to do a crawling stalk up to about 130 meters. We then waited a while for him to get up, and luckily he walked a little through the bushes, but stopped perfectly, giving Soren a small window to take a shot, and he took another excellent shot, getting a fantastic, mature kudu bull. So Soren managed to conquer the African Grey Ghost”. But this was not enough for Soren…

After a packed lunch, we headed out again looking for a Duiker, and lo and behold, we came across a beautiful Bushbuck Ram, but he was not in a position to take a shot. He was surrounded by a array of game, there were Nyalas, Kudus and Duiker. After an attempt to get closer, we decided to wait awhile to see if he would move into the right position. Whilst waiting, out of nowhere another magnificient Kudu bull appeared. So now Soren had some decisions to make, was he going to take the Bushbuck, the Duiker or the Kudu. He decided that the Kudu was too good to pass up. We then put in a great stalk, and then we lost sight of him, and he appeared from behind a bush at 31 meters, Soren again took him down in a brilliant shot, and the kudu dropped on the spot.

What a fantastic day, two kudu bulls in one day. And then some Kudu steak for dinner!

Susanne and Denise had a wonderful day, relaxing at a spa, where they were pampered and spoilt for a good 4 hours. They thoroughly enjoyed the spa, and had another lovely relaxing day together.

18 April

Soren has taken a break from hunting today and decided to do some touring with Susanne. The morning was spent at Daniell Cheetah Park, where they got to enjoy some close interaction with the wild cats. Thereafter they spent a good couple of hours driving around Addo, where they managed to see plenty of animals and of course a large number of elephants, some of which got quite up close and personal.

19 April

Another great day! Soren was unbelievable and managed to shoot three animals today! The day started off where we went out to look for a Blue Wildebeest. Early morning we headed out. We spotted a couple of groups and decided on a bull in a group of 7 bulls. We put the stalk on, but struggled to get nearer because of a group of Impala, but we managed to get within 200m, where Soren took a heart/lung shot, but this tough old animal still managed to run to 300m, where he again was in the open, and Soren took another shot. It was an exhilirating hunt, and extremely challenging.

We then went on and looked for a Common Springbuck. After awhile of seeing a few groups we came across a ram that we were happy with. After a very short stalk, Soren again demonstrated his excellent shooting skills. He took a shot at 202m, which was just spot on. Great shot again Soren.

As we still had daylight left we decided to drive around and see what we came across.  We went and stood over a valley, and watched some game, where we saw some Kudu’s, Nyala’s and Bushbuck. Then a Duiker came out, that Soren ended up shooting. It was again a brilliant hunt, Soren took the shot at 140m, whilst the Duiker was walking. And of course he dropped in his tracks.

So today was a very successful hunting day! Despite a little rain.

Susanne spent the day walking around a few historical sites in Port Elizabeth, followed by some shopping and a long, leisurely seafood lunch at the seaside. Denise and Susanne had yet again a great day.

20 April

Another rainy day again, and again the wetness did not deter Soren! We headed out to see what we could see, with a Steenbuck in mind. After an hour or so of looking around, we came across many Duikers and Steenbuck. When we spotted a Steenbuck, that had us reeling! Soren managed to get within 130m of the Steenbuck, and took a excellent shot! This Steenbuck is recordbreaking, it truly is an unbelievable ram.

We then went for a walk to where we had seen a Bushbuck in the last few days, just to see if we could see him again. And then out the bush came a few Porcupines, and Soren took a great shot on one of them.

Due to the rain, Susanne spent a relaxing day at the lodge, nice and cosy around the indoor fire.

21 April

The sun was out today, so in the morning Susanne and Soren enjoyed some time in the sun before lunch. After lunch, Susanne accompanied us on a hunt to go look for some Zebra.

So we headed out and came across a herd of Zebras  about 500m away, we then stalked up to about 50m, just to have a good look, but we then saw that they had a little one with them and the stallion was also young, so we moved on to look for others. A little distance away we spotted another stallion on his own, we stalked in to about 120m, the wind was in our favour. He was in a valley, and as he walked away, he gave Soren an open shot, which he took beautifully, and he dropped the Zebra on the spot.

Soren has managed to fulfill his hunting wishlist, and added a bonus Zebra.

Soren did some brilliant hunting and shooting, he is an avid hunter and demonstrated his great enthusiasm for the outdoors and nature. What a pleasure we have had hunting and being with Soren and Susanne, what a great couple of people, who we are privileged to have met and shared the last nine days with. Thank you Soren and Susanne, we hope we will see you again.


COMMENTS : We had a lovely stay. Kelvin found the perfect trophys and their hospitality has been stunning. We would LOVE to come back and bring the children.